FFA CVS2 Sat March 20th

FFA CVS2 Tournament March 20th 2010…

Family Fun Arcade
10363 Balboa Blvd
Granada Hills, CA 91344
Phone: (818) 360-0419


Entry: $3
Pot split: 1st place 80% 2nd place 20%
Time: 3pm
Setups: 2 American Arcade setups, 1 head to head, 1 back to back
Double Elimination
Signups: 2pm
Duplicate Character glitch allowed but if you don't get it right, you will stick to the selected character!
Everyone is invited, so lets have fun.

I will be running more cvs2 side tournaments at the exact time as mentioned below during the following dates:
1.2: February 13th
1.3: March 13th
1.4: March 20th
1.5: April 10th
1.6: April 17th

Ok this time tourney should run real fast…I checked the other setup and its working just fine.

Sign-ups at 2p, tournament at 3p. Sounds good. The sooner it starts, the sooner we can dish it out.

Hey, we had to change March 6th to March 13th to make room for LA Riots, just so you know.

oh thanks for letting me know…fixed!

yes, we should be able to finish before sf4 hopefully.

alright guys same time this saturday…hope to see you all!

Cool. I was wondering if you were going to run CvS2 this time since I know SF4 is this Saturday. Now I know.

yes sir, this saturday. hope you guys make it to this one

might join to this…athena or chang hmmmm???

athena R4 FTW! :looney:

CHANG!!! Use a turtle Chang, though. Throw Choi all the time and when someone tries to jump in at you, anti-air them. Plus his super does mad chip damage if you need it. lol. DO IT!

@kilomax… i will use athena in one match… in EVO2K10 :slight_smile: not at ffa… Sorry :frowning:

@JC Exclusive… Turtle chang is so good and I can counter anyones attack

how was the turnout?

It was pretty good for a game that nobody plays anymore. lol. We had something like 14-15 people. You should come to the next one. This is the only spot where CvS2 is still alive.

alright guys same time and day. see you all tomorrow, and hopefully this time we pass the 20 entrants mark!