FFA Get Deleted Return of The Bull Shit.- Granada Hills, CA-9/29/07

Family Fun Arcade 10363 Balboa Blvd. Granada Hills, CA 91344

MvC2 and 3s Singles and Teams!!! Mvc2 teams is 2 on 2…2/3 last man standing
3s teams is 3 on 3 1 match last man standing. Singles entry fee $5 per player. Mvc2 teams $10 per team. 3s $15 per team. 3s must keep same character/super art for teams…MvC2 may change after defeating the first player. 3s judgement in effect…mvc2 no gamebreaking glitches dead body only to corner and draw games are not wins. NOW COME CATCH A BEAT DOWN…BTW - NO ONE IS IMMUNE TO THIS. (except for the camera man, and Billy Ocean). I hope the changes will make it easier to have a wide stance. To edit your team order, hold assist 1 or 2 or both depending on how you want to display your wide stance. Wondering why you can’t find your team mate…well he’s probably eating so tell him not to leave the area while I’m running shit. Please Read the select screen…serve bot may look like serve bot…but where we play…he is Kobun. Once again I hope this makes everything easier because each character has different uniforms even though it’s actually the SAME character.

Signups at 8pm…tourneys start at 9:30

3s starts at 7pm signups at 6.

seriously why are these getting deleted?

serious…it’s a legit tourney

The smartest person in the world made new rules for posting tourneys :rolleyes:…You can view them here…http://forums.shoryuken.com/announcement.php?f=7 I made sure to follow them this time so the thread should be safe…

kai should team up with dp

I’ll say it one last time.

lol @ javi with his internet police badge
must maintain law and order
i think hes still denies being thai
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Desert Heat Baby Whoooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

I just want uniformity in this forum. Is that so much to ask? It’s in the post:

It’s not my fault the threadstarter messed up twice. And I’m not singling you out - look at the forum index.

What time are sign-ups and when is it going to start? Thanks

I get off work at 6pm, then I’ll head over to FFA. So Sign-ups from 7:30pm-9:30pm. If I am late signups will start at 8pm.

(P.S. Everyone)Please make things easy try to have correct change if you can because I will have a limited amount. Running shit is not easy…so work with me on this. Try to sign in back to back if you want to play so everything gets started on time. Keep track of your team mates, and tell ME if you are going to leave and be RIGHT back…and get the OK.

So 3s teams and singles are starting at 9:30pm?


Just a thought, but has anyone ever run a team tournament where you draw your teammates randomly out of a hat?


DP. Did you know with 2 cabs to run a single 3s double elim single match tournament usually takes about 4-5 hours sometimes.

If you’re going to be there at six, should probably start the team tourney at 7:30 or 8.

I was planning to, but work likes to fuck with my marvel schedule and I don’t get off until 6 so I can’t be there at 6 like I was planning to. I stay on task when I’m running shit. I will make use of every working 3s cab in the arcade. It is up to the players not to wonder off…that is really what makes shit take so long.

Well you know what happened last time. I pre registering me and finesse right now, so make sure that team is a go. I might be a little late, but finesse will be on time. I always show, so don’t assume I won’t be there. Thanks in advance man.

Even if you get there at 7:00. I think the smartest thing to do is start at 8:00.

Are you going to be running singles for Marvel too?

yo dp…why not have ryan run 3s? or amir

cuz ill put my name in the hat and you will draw me and you will get last. hahahaha