FFA Green Octane

How many people went? I heard SiN stayed away from ffa as he said. I heard Clock won an FFA tourney (STRIDER!!!). Results? Results? Results?

EDIT: Aite yeah i asked around, so if u came to this thread lookin for results, the marvel top 5 were:

1st: Clockwork
2nd: SooMighty
3rd: Boy Wonder (Potter)
4th: Rio mY HeRo
5th: Junior B?

What about the rest of dem fooz? apex results anyone?

Lets see…3rd Strike was

1st - Thomas “arlieth” Shin
2nd - Sean “krayziee” Kim
3rd - Vic “victoly” Vance
4th - Mark "I eat Bagles"
5th - Shogo
5th - King Raoh

Not too many people showed up…I think there was like 10 for MvC2, 8 for 3rd Strike

Kinda weird…drama either caused people to stay away or come to the tourney…just wanted to say thanx to Soo, Rio & Yi for throwing the tourney and thanx to everyone who showed up

I did get some footage…I’ll try to get them up soon…I still need to post about 16 more Red Octane footages…I’ll keep u guys posted on any updates on the site

lol wth? I wasn’t there man…and I don’t have a brother.

lol wow im pretty high … sorry for the mistake audioproject …lol

clockwork = too good

isnt this your first loss soo ?


i take it that clockwOrk had strider/doom/sent?? ;/

damn son. show respect.

is it juss me… or does everyone notice how much bullshit infests the sad attempt of gameplay discussion, long ago admired by many, now a days juss a place to talk shit that we call SRK.

…soo, i understand why you quit. some people take the fun out the game. but damn. i still aint got the skillz to replace you. before you go, teach me the ways and i will prove the true power of msp. they will show nothing but respect to the man bearing the msp crown. S.A. for life. OG gon bring that shit back.


i dont get it… TMD and soo are mad homies, i dont think it was a diss

only americans get this one, wait you are in san diego my bad my. tran…
batchface fag

OMFG!!! This shit pvvnz me for free !!!

Aite, lets get down the Business. First off, the main “reason” I asked, was only bcuz I just wanted to make sure, since I hardly see him on AIM, plus I felt like I didnt want to rely way too much from SRK, especially from sum1 I dun even have a clue who he is,plus most of the time my nukka soo is always the one who keeps postin the FFA mvc2 results. and thats the bottom line why I asked.

My bad if that posted sounds like a “diss” to you. I know you dun even know who I am, and ya prolly think Im one of the “fanboy” or sum h8tr, but next time, please get the right info. first, by askin soo, if he knows who this random scrubby ass ‘!nfamous’ TMD is. If he doesnt, then its all good. If he does, Im pretty sure you’ll totally be changin your point of view/opinion towards my ranDUMB posted

Its coo ya have mad respect for soo. I could just tell by the way you’ve posted,nothing wrong with dat, cuz I have mad respect for him n the countless top players out there.

************** BUT *************

Good Game Out Peace, k thanx for playin yo. Puhleaze try again later. Cuz to me, thats called “pvvnzj00.com” without me neither lookin at da screen,or even touchin the joystick,yet.

wrong level dun

  • !nfamous TMD -

…HEh lol

lol chris ( batman ) u got matt (TMD) all wrong… him and soo are hella tight homies … he says he probably has the next best MSP to his, i guess he just wanted to know what happend… kill the flame

and srk is a place to shit talk now… just like tekkenzaibatsu :slight_smile: :lol:

nope thats a lie folks… do not believe >_<


what the fuck you laughing at you baster
i am shady k(illa)

my bad. it juss seems like everyone on srk talks nothing but shit. no disrespect meant.

best msp next to soo.? dayum, i wanna see that shit in action. wouldnt mind setting up a match sometime.

good matches tonite soo. i gots to represent the crown. high and mighty. haha. 36 seconds. im juss glad you didnt get a perfect with magnus/storm/clops… i think i woulda cried…