FFA Guilty Gear Tournament - Granada Hills, CA - SAT 07/12/08

Rules and times are subject to change

Guilty Gear XX ?ccent Core Tournament

Family Fun Arcade
10363 Balboa Blvd.
Granada Hills, CA USA;
Sol3, Milky Way, Virgo Supercluster
(818) 360-0419

Saturday, July 12
6:00 PM PST
Sign-ups will start at 5:00PM
Please try and show up on time, so we can start promptly at 6.

Fiscal Participation:
It will be $5 pot + $3 venue fee = $8 per entrant.
Bring in your PS2 plus game and we’ll knock off your venue fee (making it $5). We will need about 3 PS2s, first come first served for the price drop. Memory Cards will not be allowed inside of the PS2s (to ensure default options). However, if you’re playing on a console as practice before the tournament, feel free to use your memory card.

The arcade machine will be set on free play at 5PM, allowing for practice time.

Pot split will be 70/20/10 (1st/2nd/3rd).

Rule Notification:
Arcade Rules:
Default Arcade settings
2/3 matches
99 second timer
Double Elimination Bracket

When playing on console, no extra modes are allowed (GG mode, EX mode, Gold mode, etc.) To better ensure this, I’ll repeat and say that memory cards will not be allowed inside of the consoles during the tournament. Before and afterwards is OK.
Console only colors will be allowed.

Our arcade machine has PS2 ports in it if you want to use a controller or a PS2 compatible joystick. Note that if you’re using a joystick, the buttons on the arcade machine are wired to reflect the PS2 controller, so your joystick will have to be setup that way too. (If you’re playing using the default joystick in the arcade it will still be setup correctly with kick on top and punch on bottom).

I’m thinking of starting to hold monthly or even more frequent tournaments for GGXX?C. If they start to attract enough people I’d like to hold a ranbat.

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I don’t think many people are going to be willing to come up because AX was held just this weekend.

You might want to push it back a bit.

Hey uh…I know I’m 3 days late in posting, but someone has already planned on hosting a casual meet on the same date so that may interfere.

As for the Monthly/Ranbat idea…
In my opinion, I think FFA is too far away from most of the usual GG crew, including myself. West Toast tournies were an exception because it was a 2 day event, meaning that the 2-3 hour drive wasn’t so bad since most were able to spend the whole weekend there instead of making it a single day trip. Not to mention Melty Blood was held and a good number of people play both games. (I don’t play MB)

Hope this info can help in your planning.

I’d go, since I like by UCLA, but I will second the opinion that a lot of the regular West Toast GG crowd wouldn’t show because it’s too far north (they’re mostly a 1-2 hr drive south of me).
Don’t cancel it! (^.^)

Mike Z

I understand that we won’t get a WT size crowd, but I see a lot of people playing GG here. However, I think some of those West Toast guys even came from NorCal and Arizona (that might have just been for Melty Blood, though).

If I advertised it right, then we should get a decent size. I talked to a lot of people about this tournament at AX on Sat while I was testing BlazBlue.

I remember a spontaneous tournament a few months ago that had 7 people when it was announced just that one day. So, I’m expecting somewhere between 16 and 32 people for this.

I looked in the tournaments section both here and at Dustloop, and the only GG events I saw that went on at the same time were in IN, TX and NorCal. It’s too late to change the date now, since there’s only about 4 days left until the tournament. I can’t hold it next week anyways, because we’ve already got another tournament planned here for then (3s and ST SBO qualifiers, followed by EVO seeds for 3s, ST and MvC2). Then after that tournament, I was wanting to have a weekend off. If you can’t make it for this tournament, show up for the next one.

Hell I’m still coming to this.

I’m trying to break in to the gg community and I have a couple quick questions.

@Id_asz: Are you going to be hosting regular scheduled gg tournaments? I remember there used to be biweekly ranbats, but the person doing them doesn’t do them anymore.

Also, is FFA still the place to go to for gg casuals? I know it’s the main third strike scene, but from what I’ve been reading, people usually meet up at someone’s house.

FFA has always been for the 3s scene, it gets some casual players but randomly :confused:

I plan on hosting regular GG tournaments, yes.

GG has the largest console community of any 2D fighter in the US. It’s not unreasonable to assume that events run at people’s homes would outweigh arcades (especially with some options available on the console version that aren’t availble on the arcade machine, my biggest beef is that I can’t turn up the BGM in the arcade options >.<). Still, I see a lot of people coming in and playing GG, even regulars who come often just to play GG.

I really want all the people coming to FFA to try new games. 3s is almost ten years old now, and they should be trying to get into more than one fighting game. If everyone became as hyped as I am to try out new games coming out (OMG, BlazBlue), then we’d actually make our money back if we bought a new game.

Anyways, what I mean is even if the GG scene isn’t that big here yet, I’m trying to build it up. I’d say it’s probably the 4th biggest fighting game scene here (1: 3s, 2: MvC2, 3: CvS2, 4: GG), so it’s not bad, you just have to come here at the right times (about 8 o’clock and later).

Ahh, I see. I guess I’ll start going more often. 8 o’clock? Is that on the weekends? And are the machines still $0.50 per play…?

I agree with you on getting people into new fighting games. While I do like 3s and cvs2, I feel people shouldn’t prejudge the newer games, especially those by aksys, before they even get a chance to try them out.

And yeah, blazblue looks hawt. =P

All of our fighters are 25. Typically new fighters we get will be 50, maybe more depending on the game.

Arc System Works (Aksys’ main developer) has worked on a bunch of other fighters before forming Aksys Games: Hakuto no Ken and Sengoku BASARA Cross. Both weren’t known to be very good. Sengoku BASARA Cross was even a joint venture by Capcom and Arc System Works. But I played BlazBlue Saturday at the location test at AX and I really enjoyed it, so their streak of un-popular games should end with BB.

With an arcade every purchase is a risk. Sure we could buy Arcana Heart 2 for $3000, but how long would it take us to make that money back, or will we even make it back? Will a console version come out quickly, hindering our sales? Does the game suck and people will only play it for the first two weeks? Those kinds of things.

As for the GG crowd, I wouldn’t always expect them after 8. Most won’t play just because they don’t want to fight the CPU, so if they see someone playing they’ll join in. Dae is really into GG, and he’s always here almost everyday. Of course more people are here on the weekends so you’ll have a greater chance of finding a crowd for it.