FFA Kill Pyro Tourny 11/26/05 Results

32 players

  1. Sextaro
  2. Pyrolee
  3. Amir
  4. 5star

It was a fun tournament… some complications but we will settle it later
Thanks everyone that came
Hope it ran smoothly enough… yea it ran long sorry :sad:
Thanks Shogo, John D, BKD, and Tom

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Damn Sextaro!

RIP Pyro?

GGs to all the people I played and it was a great turn out for a late tourney…see you guys at the next tourney hopefully. Good job to Sextaro for taking 1st, Take care.

SEX-TARO!! wins and shit.

I am never going to understand wtf is up with the nickname SEX-TARO!! :frowning:

I was killed by bad joysticks :frowning:

  1. Vic

–…I thought Yi got 4th…oh well

i thought i got 4th…


No I got 4th!

Oh shit. Good Job to Sextaro. I was hoping he would win. Good shit!

i definately did not get 4th, but who cares

I don’t think ive ever seen Sex vs. Pyro. Is there gonna be a vid?

hahhaahhhaahhahaahha… Team RUN fo life. Sex + Run = Extasy. Match made from heaven.

Ken i = world’s greatest.

He is officially team gayley and strathmore. All we do is get top 3…

damn sex i O_O

potter you spelled Genei jin wrong D:

sex i. for team mex? Is that what you’re suggest ruelz? Sip sip sip sip sipin on that sizzurp all day with Ken’s winnings?

he gets busy.

so yeah :D!

hahaha for a second there i thought i saw sextaro got first…hahahha…thats funny…thats really…WHAT THE FUCK, HOW BIG ARE HIS LUCKY CHARMS.