FFA: King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Location Test Tournament! 3/8/08

20 Entrants

1st: Oscar (The Answer)
2nd: Razmos
3rd: Chris
4th: Hector
5th: RealKim
5th: Arlieth
7th: Nocturnal
7th: Varney
9th: Giby
9th: ZeroGunner
9th: ShinATGroove
9th: Carlos

Commonly used characters in Top 8:
Orochi Chris
Orochi Yashiro

Thanks to everyone for coming, especially Trieu of SNK-Capcom.com for arranging the location test! Click on the link for some casual gameplay videos!

Please post any bugs or suggestions ASAP! I’ll forward them to Trieu so he can let SNK-Playmore know. Also, we’ll get to location-test KoF XII in the summer!

Tournament Videos (by The Answer))
[media=youtube]tXB16tDDUuY[/media] Part 1
[media=youtube]z94CaTcrYRY[/media] Part 2
[media=youtube]tG-M5dagYQk[/media] Part 3
[media=youtube]t4-wfqYIOq4[/media] Part 4
[media=youtube]XUMdb7EB2BE[/media] Part 5
[media=youtube]ekW56syOH9E[/media] Part 6

Wtf? Location test for kof98 in the USA? :confused:


yes Location Test, and looks like someone has been using my photos without my permission.

It was a lot of fun, thanks to FFA for hosting this along with the Trieu as well. Also thanks to SNK for letting us have this loke test for the game. Thanks Tom for running the tournament, congrats to Oscar for getting first and good games to everyone I played.

Who’s been ganking your photos, Scott?

Good shit, Oscar!:tup:

I just saw the pics…amazing and congrats to everyone that made this happen.

The fact that you even got a KOF tourney organized too with 20+ ppl is amazing in itself. Mad props. I’d ove to read more SNK results on here that arent just from Dark Geese’s tournaments.

I read on snk-capcom from Trieu that a EC/WC location test is planned for KOF12 too. IF that’s the case, the EC test site should be at Chinatown Fair without question.

Please make this happen.

Thanks guys, I had a lot of fun its been about two years I retired and I yesterday brought a lot of good memories and moments back to me. Big props S-C.com for organizing the event. Also the game is really nice all the changes are for the better of the game.

Hope to see some 98 UM match vids from this tourney up soon.

I will upload them today fo’ sho


Didnt even know those were your pictures dude. Master Chibi created a avatar from those photos (since Spooky is that dude buying the Arcana 2 board) for this group:


I didn’t even know what you were talking about until you cited the pic. If it really bothers you I can take mine down. Why didn’t you just ask us to take it down directly. It is a public pic on the internet after all :confused:

If you have a problem with people using your pictures maybe you should think about using a creative commons license on them instead of keeping them listed as public on Flickr in the future.

If you want to make it so there are no derivatives of your work posted you need a nc-nd license which would say that it’s free to share but only credit given and it being used how you want and for non-commercial and no derivative works.

Which would have stopped this from happening to begin with! By the way, Flickr definitely does make use of the CC license system so you should look onto that for your future pictures.

Your shit ain’t getting published no time soon.

Hey guys, let’s keep the topic on the KoF Tournament please.

Also: Hey, to everyone that was there at the KoF Location Test, could you post what kinds of bugs and suggestions you found to submit to SNK-Playmore? The build is like 98% complete but there’s still time to implement some suggestions. Thanks!

Arly get your butt on AIM.

The truth eh… you aint the only one Arturo LOL.


So Oscar are you gonna come out of the woodworks completely for 98UM or is this just a Cali thang??

Good shit everyone…mad props…this is what its gonna take to strengthen the SNK scene…

even though i did poorly in the KoF tournament, i was still glad that i was able to compete and play this fantastic game. Hopefully FFA will get the game. Congrats to The Answer for taking first place. Fun matches to watch!

you should watch your mouth, little boy.