-=ffa Marvel 7/21/06 Tourny=-


this guy spits fire!

Throw some Slash tourneys home boy. Slash is the future son. Get some PS2s in there and hook that shit up to the big screens. Have a Slash fest. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!


i can share footage i get of upcoming ffa tournaments, most people are tired of seeing G own though…mike-z says im the most boring player to match in marvel, but mike-z also uses juggernaut with the wrong assist so i wouldnt take anything he says seriously :lol:

congrats to Wong for eliminating me in the pools at evo east at psychic marvel

We’d throw Slash tourneys, but the game keeps freezing. Well, we’ll figure something out.

Hey! Everyone tell me which machines are messed up or whatnot. I thought I was gonna have time to visit Family last night and tonight but my schedule’s booked. In fact, whenever a machine’s wonky, just post in here. I’ll pass the word on.

I know the head to head closest to the front door, the screen is dark on one side and on the other side the fierce (middle) punch is off and on…marvel by the racing game, the fierce punch(middle) button on the left is out


Closest to door
P1 side - fine
P2 side - black screen, assist 1 is out

H2H in middle behind GG slash
P1 side - i think its fine, not tested
P2 side - joystick messed up, lp hp messed up

Big screen on right side as you come into FFA
P1 side - joystick does not go down, downleft, downright
P2 side - fine

Big screen on left side as you come into FFA
P1/P2 side - forgot which one but hk comes out by itself or not at all

Xmen vs Streetfighter
P1 side - give a new button make over
P2 side - give a new button make over

thanks if it ever gets fixed!

There’s a rumor saying that the Japanese cabs for MVC2 will be up for the tournament - is this true?

The reason for this question is due to the fact that these jap cabs allow you to plug in your PS2 controllers into it. That probably would be the best thing to do for some folks.


theyve had that for a month or 2 now but no one has brought a ps2 stick to try it

i hope they fix them,if they don’t have the mvc machines workin by the tourney then will there still be one?

ill bring some sticks to use on the jap cabs tonight to test it out…ive been assured by old man rivers that i am an asshole and am banned from ffa for a year, and that the one head to head and the big screen will be working for sure.

wow,lol that sucks

i hope at least one cab will be fixed lol… see ya all tomorrow!

cabs are working fine…bring a stick if you want…ill have adapters and ish. Good Luck everyone

yea good luck 2night…it’s going down down down

All of the cabinets work? I find that hard to believe.

yea i dunno if they will all be working

Hey, just so everyone knows: PS2 ports on the cabinets work best with either pad, switch stick or Japanese switch stick. Using a 360 stick doesn’t work quite so well because of power feed issues (plus you might burn out the port).

The non-Japanese cabinets will also be used for the tournament, yes?

i hope not, as of last night, me and finesse played and we both think that all machines are unplayable for a tournament.

big screen, assist 2 is out and the other side has no down and that one is the best one :-/

man i can’t remember when all of the mvc machines were working…it’s been a while and it looks like we are gonna be waiting longer