FFA Marvel vs Capcom 2 Ranbats Season 4 bi-weekly tournament (March-May 07)

I wanted to split off mvc2 from the rest so the mvc2 players can talk about just the marvel portion of the tourney.

These are dates for the tournies…
Marvel vs. Capcom 2
Saturday, March 10th
Saturday, March 24th
Saturday, April 14th
Saturday, April 28th
Saturday, May 5th
Saturday, May 19th
(Note: March 31st is Devastation in AZ Tournament)
*Simultaneous with T5DR Ranbat Date

All signups begin at 6pm and tournaments begin at 7pm.
Standard Entry Fee is $5. Denjin Video will provide materials such as brackets, and will also facilitate direct-feed recording for all scenes. Tournament Staff/Organizers for all games also receive complementary drinks (on Arliethe’s tab).

Tournament Format is as follows:
-Double Elimination, 2/3 per round
-1st Place winners with the most points at the end of season will receive a cash prize. Other prizes to be determined.
-Winner sticks with team; Character change between matches allowed
-Finals are at Tournament Director’s Discretion but default to 3/5
-Standard gameplay rules (no dead body infinites, gambit glitch or crash-glitches)

I will be running the tournament every week except March 24 and April 28. Most likely BBHood or Shogo/Tom will be running it those days.

$3 Late fees will be enforced if I have **already made **the bracket and you enter after.

**Also, if you know you are running late, please call/text me at 661-313-9614 and tell me who to sign up for you.

I heard that someone cheated with brackets again like usual. BOYCOTT FFA for marvel - weak ass shit.

You don’t do brackets in front of peeps.
You don’t let non FFA peeps pick names or numbers out of a hat.
Others see FFA peeps getting byes and shit -
Come on now - seriously - when I first saw this shit when I use to go to FFA for marvel tournaments I said fuck this place.


get that shit out of here. we drew #s from a hat. finesse’s girlfriend picked them out. there was like 20 people who saw her picking #s.

dont ever accuse me of cheating brackets. the only people i switched AFTER picking #s was me and amir because he came late and we decided to seed him and not seed me and i swapped illan and fanatiq from first round because they are both FFA peeps that play each other all the time. Whoever is telling you this shit should come to me or tell me EXACTLY how I cheated.

I even showed everyone the brackets before the tourney asking if its ok and every said yes.

edit: here it is, show me unfair.

Ok so - you seeded amir based on what? He came late so he is suppose to go into losers bracket. This is a new ranbat and no one is suppose to be seeded until the next ranbat tournament - its a clean slate for everyone. “We” as in who decided to seed him? So how exactly did you swap illan and fanatiq from first round? Did you put one of their names or number back into the hat? If you don’t want people to accuse you of cheating you better get your ass surrounded by non FFA peeps and have them draw numbers. I was even there and I could feel tension and shit going around.


It was great how I was asked what machine I wanted to play on after bitching for 10 minutes about which machine I DIDN’T want to use. I’m not too certain about the rules, but I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to FLIP for cabinets if the player’s disagree. Either way, good shit to ffa players, truely a homecourt advantage. If I knew which sides didn’t work (as well as the other) the whole time, I would only enter tournaments there too. Maybe the sticks worked, but I thought one cab was definitely a lot better than the other. Oh well. Much props to shogo/arlieth for making ranbats for marvel happen. But I think it’s clear that you guys need to run everything in regard to these tournaments, i.e. brackets, seeding, and overall management. Let’s get some unbiased love <3


p.s. <3 ffa 3s players. <3 random dude trying to start a fight w/me.lol

Shogo actually came up and switched me and amir without even letting me know, and then he told me because amir got 2nd at ranbats


First Round Byes:

Amir - FFA
Reset - Non FFA
Bill - Non FFA
DP - Non FFA
Potter - Non FFA
Illan - FFA
Fanatiq - FFA
Finesse - FFA

Same number of FFA byes as Non FFA byes. Check the brackets. Would it be more fair if more non FFA peeps get more byes then FFA peeps?

The brackets where made on the machine next to the big screen where people were playing marvel. Another marvel is on the left of that marvel(Just to give you the idea of where the brackets where made[In public. Close to MvC 2.]). Anyway, any FFA peep or non-FFA peep could have easily have watched the brackets being made if they wanted too since it was public and not secretive(less chance of cheating). MMDS said that everybody was okay with the brackets(Confirm non-FFA peeps).

I do not think that a non FFA peep(Finesse’s Girl. I dont know if that makes her a non FFA peep or not) would be a bad person to pick random numbers out of a hat. If a FFA peep did it I think people would have more of a reason to say that FFA peeps cheated with the brackets.

Shogo did switch Dan and Amir. As a result, Dan had to play DP, Bill, Clock, Potter, Amir. He played no easy people. To tell you the truth I think everybody was surprised he was able to take out the people he did. I do not see how Dan and Amir being switched would have been a big deal when the brackets where made. Again, everybody was okay with the brackets(Confirm non-ffa peeps).

All-in-all I do not think there would be complaining of our tournies if the non-FFA peeps do REALLY well in them.

why are you making such a big deal man, i thought you REFUSE to play in most tournies anyways…just drop it Duc, esp if you’re never gonna be part of it…complain at Evo, that’s the only place i think you’ll play anyways…

Yo dude - I’m speaking up when I hear about this shit all the time from people who go to your tournies. This is what people say to me and this is me relaying their message to you. A lot of fools are boycotting that tournament including me. As for me refusing to play in tournaments - I don’t refuse dude - I don’t have the time for it and the shot of earning 60 bucks for a tournament is not worth it when work pays more. I won’t complain at evo cause unlike some tournies - they know how to run a tournament - tournaments that included SHGL and the pay if you win is well worth it. Time is MONEY dude.


First of all, i don’t think anyone from FFA takes winning tourneys too seriously…it’s just a friendly game, that’s why i end up picking hulk in half of my tourney matches…i definitely understand your gripe with the buttons and sticks and shit, but don’t get all up in the bracket making, bbhood already proved it in the post ^^^^ that it’s legit…at the next ranbat in 2 weeks, why don’t you come down and make the brackets, we would have happy to have you (seriously), and for these “people” that complain about that ffa crew, tell them to step up and they can make brackets, that shit is annoying anyways, when i made brackets at evo west, anyone and everyone pissed me off…

i think every tournament in socal should be held at ffa due to the quality of the sticks/players/tournament directors

the same people not loving ffa are the same guys who never do well at ffa

i’d also like to thank fanatiq for being such a joy to be around, isn’t he just so fun to listen to?

also for the 10 bucks that paid for my dinner after the tournament

see you guys soon

Man all this typing is giving me a headache - why the fuck is it so hot today? Anyhow - I can run tournaments and shit but its just not worth it anymore. Life is rough and times are tough - good luck anyways. Do it right and I’m sure you’ll succeed.



Also, <3 for the random dude aka fantaiq’s brother? Who are you again? Seriously, do you play any games? You’re a cool guy, next time introduce yourself :slight_smile:

Sorry for not being there to help run Ranking battle, I was dead tired from an allnighter and moving a bunch of machines from another location(pizza parlor) at 7am.

Well, on the next ranbat, if there’s still complaints of biased brackets, I can run a random number generator that I also use for 3rd Strike off www.random.org . No one’s ever complained about fixed seeding at our 3s ranbats for as long as I can remember.

PS: There is only one true Desert Heat and that is Nick Mora.


Wow. Damn, this sucks. How are you going to accuse peeps when you weren’t even there? You’re relaying a message, but you could have done that in a PM, and not tell people to boycott the FFA.

In the past, people said that FFA was rigging brackets, so now Dan does them with Arlieth and Shogo’s help. People said the sticks suck (usually AFTER their match when they lose) and now Arlieth always hurrys to fix them.

I don’t get it man. You’re like the coolest dood in MvC2 community. But for you to just jump in here and say mad shit without even asking first is *hella *fucked up.

And I don’t know what all the drama between Potter and Loren was. Something about people talking behind people’s back. I thought MvC2 was all fun and games but I swear to God, every FFA turney people just have angry eyes for each other.

I seriously don’t get it Duc. What do you think they should have done? Not seeded? I thought seeding was a good thing. And they had a girl draw names out of a hat, that people could witness.

And BBHood just posted that it wasn’t just FFA players who got byes. If you’re going to be angry at anyone, perhaps it should be your “source” who obviously made it a point to tell you how unfair the turney was so fast that you could post this morning at noon.


Yo Vic, no shit to you bro. I’m boycotting cause I choose to and the fact that others are choosing it is because they wanted to not because I asked them to. When someone said only FFA players got byes and I finally saw the brackets then yes not FFA players got byes.

Seeding is cool of course for the time being however this is the first ranbat and it should have not been seeded. Everyone starts at a clean slate. Based on the results of this tourney the next ranbat will be seeded. Anyhow I’m really done with posting in here - I am seriously having a headache and not in the mood to post anymore.


So now you see that the tournament that I ran was perfect except for the beef between fanatiq and bill,potter. thats not my fault and them hating ffa for that has nothing to do with the way i ran the tourney.

and as far as seeding, that was shogo. so saying “let shogo/tom run it” would’ve been the same exact outcome.

also, if potter/fanatiq wanted to flip a coin for the machine, they could have. and i believe they switched machines anyway so that didn’t matter either.

i have nothing but good words for ffa

Didn’t matter? It was huge. He (loenren) said, “danny says we have to play on this cabinet”. Meaning, WE HAD TO PLAY ON THAT CABINET. What option to flip was I given? Psychologically, that’s huge going down 0-1. He knew sticks were whack on that cabinet, that’s why he wanted to play on it. Its all good though. Just don’t say you ran a perfect tournament. I don’t have anything against loren, but I am interested in his brother(no homo). Who in the world is that dude? Random. I guess adhd is rampant in the sf valley. I’ve never talked/played against him, and yet he has an opinion on everything. Interesting.

honestly, i didn’t say you have to play on it. you shouldve asked me. im sorry that that happened. next time, ask me. i dont have any beef with you (i hope you dont have beef against me either), just let me know next time.

seriously, im sorry that you were forced to play there. i dont want to stop you guys from coming down to the ranbats.