FFA Marvel vs Capcom 2 Results, Sat. 3-24-07. Ranbats 3.2

there you have it. let the arguements begin

good job to everyone who placed.

Does anyone know roughly how many people entered this tournament?

Great tournament. Terrific job and much props to bb hood. Sorry for being so whack about the brackets, but for what its worth, I think you did an excellent job. Hopefully I can attend more tournaments that you run. Don’t let the drama discourage you; you’re a great tournament director.

Much props to arlieth for stepping-in and laying down the law. Extremely fair judgment. FFA really stepping it up. Good shit.

Props to top 3 and everyone I played.

Shout outs to dipset.

almost 32

3.2 MvC 2 FFA Ranbat


1st - Finesse (10 pts)
2nd - Dark Prince (7 pts)
3rd - Dues(5 pts)
4th - Fanatiq (3 pts)
5th - Illan, Ace (1 pt)
7th - Mexico
7th - Potter
9th - Mike "Chaos"
9th - Paul O
9th - Reset
9th - Amir
13th - Mike Ross
13th - Darrell
13th - Clockwork Jr
13th - Ceasar
17th - Edma
17th - Daniel M.
17th - Illan jr
17th - Metrock
17th - Fredy
17th - Orko’s Wrath
17th - Jesse
17th - Papa
18th - Brian
18th - Rico
18th - Tony T

Entries: 26

Points as of now:

Dark Prince: 12 pts
Finesse: 10 pts
Soo: 10pts
Fanatiq: 10 pts
Dues: 5 pts
MMDS: 1pt
Mike Ross: 1pt
Illan: 1pt
Ace: 1pt

The tourney ran kinda smoothly with little arguements here and there. Then of course a big problem came up near the end of the tourney. The problem came up because of me(The Director). I made a mistake and it was decided on by Tom and I guess I enforced his descision. The reason I enforced his descision is because he is a person both parties would agree is neutral and he has a lot more tourney running experience. I am sorry if the descision I enforced was not beneficial to both parties. My deepest apologies. Lets not discuss the problem. It happened, it was decided on, any blame should be towards me. PM me if want to talk about it.

Now lets get on to the GOOD stuff. Just kidding, more BAD stuff. The finals where not recorded because Shogo and Tom where busy with 3rd Strike Ranbat.

Thank you Tom and Shogo for helping me run the tourney. I do not think I want to run any more in the near future…

you should definitely run the rest of the ranbat series. Highly trustworthy. Don’t let yesterday bring you down. Stuff like that will happen rarely, but you handled the situation very well. :slight_smile:

guile aaa > all

sorry arlieth

ggs to justin, finesse, illan, paul, clock jr, illan jr, and msp guy

it was a fun tournament

A lil vauge in the msp guy part lol.

From the vids I stopped counting after four hits from guile AAA.

And to everyone else i should have some vids on my youtube in bout a week or so.

BBHOOD. I dont know what happened but for the most part I like it when your running things :tup:. keep up the good work

he makes a point of expressing his opinions every time i see him (even if i don’t say anything)

i’m merely doing the same

you can give him my 3rd place points if you like, i doubt i’ll make it to any more ranbats

At least I beat you :rofl:. GG deus, even though I lost both rounds, and Ace for kicking my ass. That shit’s on tape too. =(

good shit top 3

Too bad they didnt c when I beat u 3 times with the exorcist stick :arazz:

Good shit to everyone, gg’s bill/ denny mac owns me again gg’s finesse gg’s to everyone else I played. I think yall should take the drama and get it hype. I want to see bill vs. fanatiq first to 10 for $'s Get Hype

Hey everyone, thanks for coming down and supporting our Ranking Battles. We did a totally wacky random method for distributing brackets, down to the point where Potter picked a number from 1-4 and that decided the list. That’ll be standard from here on out.

Hopefully we won’t have any more miscommunications in the future. BBHood does a great job of keeping things rolling. Sometimes these things happen, but we live and learn.

Deus: Hey Bill, please keep it respectful on the boards here. If people are hollering and giving you shit IRL in midmatch, you can always be the bigger man and keep the peace. Thanks.

Again, good games to all, and hope to see you next ranbat. peace~

I did not know that he was expressing his opinion everytime he sees you. If you have to though just do it in person so the thread isnt flooded with nonsense.

He might want your 3rd place points, he might not but it just seems illegal to transfer points from one person to another.

Bill The Gawd

i love you

Fanatiq takes the 3rd place points then and deus gets 4th place points. (you offered, i didn’t force it)

and if bbhood doesn’t run it, then i will continue to run it. if potter wants to be present during bracket making and wants to pick #s out of a hat instead of finesses girlfriend, then he could. or if tom is bringing his laptop, then we can use that program (which is easier IMO)

Fanatiq: 12 pts
Dark Prince: 12 pts
Finesse: 10 pts
Soo: 10pts
Dues: 3 pts
MMDS: 1pt
Mike Ross: 1pt
Illan: 1pt
Ace: 1pt

EDIT: also, to tom/shogo, when do you think 3s and mvc2 vids should start showing up? i know its still early, but im just curious. and I also want to state that I personally don’t have beef with potter or bill, so i just wanted to throw that i out there. i think they are both good players.

I concur