FFA Moved to Winnetka MvC2 results

  1. Chunkstah
  2. Iron Illan
  3. Mike Ross
  4. Duc Jr.
  5. Finesse

Thanks to everyone who made it. The videos will be posted soon. I know a lot of people came during the finals. Sorry we couldn’t wait any longer for heads to show. The first tournament had a great turn out. We’ll be throwing another tournament very very soon (special christmas tournament). Please be sure to check the tournament/event for more information. The upcoming tournament will have a little spice to the winning prize. I want to encourage more people to go. Thanks to Ducvader, Duc jr, and Reset for coming down. Thanks Soomighty for showing up. Thanks to chunkstah for sticking around for the tournament. I know you came a long way, but all in all, it was worth the trip. haha Also like to Thank Ace, jullius jackson, and papa for being a part of the tournament. Jose (chrono) thanks for helping and allowing us setup the tournament at winnetka. (Service on demand) haha. And last, I would like to thank Mike ross for the incredible videos he taped.

Looking forward to seeing you guys at the next tournament.

Chunkwit mss-a/santhrax
Iron illan wit im/cable/doom
Mike ross wit santhrax/: mag/doom/capcom:/ storm/cable/im
Ducjr wit Scrub/mss-a/mag/sent/capcom
Finesse wit santhrax/storm-sent-Im

Team WestWood > ______

did duc enter? I heard westwood arcade top 3 all day everyday

i didn’t get ur message because i was in San Diego Rich. hopefully i’ll show next time and check my e-mail more often =D

Wow guys you had a LOT of people go… I will for sure go to the next tourney. I cant wait for the videos.


If you guys need a host for those videos I could host them on CV.:pleased:

nuff said.

sorry i was so late dawg. wish i couldve been in the tournament.

Don’t worry about it soo. I’m throwing another one soon. You already know the details on that one. So I know you’ll want grabs on the prize. haha I’ll keep you posted.

great ass tournament, great seein u cats up there. I’ll hit u up BB hood when the vids are ready.

Cool, I can’t wait to see them myself :karate:

xbox 360

It was good seeing everyone down there: Soo, Reset, Duc Jr, Duc Do, Money Mike, Mike Jones, Papa, Finesse, Illan, MegamanDS, and everyone else that i met that was new to me, good games to everyone, and next time i’ll be in socal might be in Christmas Break =]. Hopefully we can get money matches in next time >=]! And thanks for the props and everything else i might have not caught from you guys =]. See You guys next time!

P.S. Duc Jr, those 5 bucks…use them wisely…hahaha. Also, James Games is that place =].

good shit chunksta…

thanks for running the tourney, it was fun… julius had some sick cyc combos… can’t wait to see those again

chunksta is sentinal.

and dont get into anymore hit n runs chunk, get here without an arrest warrent during xmas

and next time, i can go! =DDDD


he is a man that is mega that they call DS for short

Danny(magnuscrub) with a new sn. I didn’t know. My bad. Thanks gylan pointing that out. :tup:

i didn’t enter.

congrats to the placers