FFA: MSP vs hulk challenge

I wanna test out something so this is a challenge for anyone who wants to take it…

I will play your msp against any of my teams that have mag/hulk in it… ONE MATCH!




for 1-5 dollars…

shortterm -never got to play
duc do-lost, ran it back, i won
frankieskillz-i won
r2j-never got to play
bill (for 1 dollar)-i lost
some random guy at the last ranbat-i won

we can play at FFA, let me know, PM me for my number…


I’ll play you. Hopefully I can make it to FFA this weekend, but I’ll give you a for sure time and day asap.

ill play you guy, if i attend the first ranbats or if you come down to san diego to visit again =]

How about strider?

When are you gonna be at FFA?

would i be able to play? hahaha

no way, hahaha, i’ve seen you play your team, ur crazy…i’ll never play you mm period, i even saw that one team match where you destroyed all three peopel on the other team ( i think u were with dpc and mike ross)


i’ll play all of you guys…just PM me for my number (r2j and frankie should already have it) just hit me up when and where, i just wanna try some things i’ve been working on

i’ll take that bet

i’ll be at the ranbat next weekend

damnit bill, i forgot to put your name on the list, i will only play you for 1 dollar hahahahaha

i’m closing the challenge, that is enough people…thanks everyone!

are you going to post up your results?

Hulk has made me a curious cat.

i’ll post up results after saturday, hopefully all those people will be there on saturday…

see original post for updates

shortterm, frankieskillz, y2j, r2j

where are you guys? lol

couldnt make it last ranbat sorry guy. maybe next one i can go to

Damn i should have got up in this earlier… too bad i didnt see the thread. Oh well

hulk challenge is closed