FFA Mvc2 "2 on 2 tournament" **3/25/06**

$2 dollar entry. 2 on 2 Winner take all.

The turnout was great! 16 teams. In the beginning the sticks were iffy. Towards the end, I eventually got the h2h machine in playable shape. Although we had a lag in the brackets, the tournament turned out like this:

**1. Ducvader / Duc Jr.
2. Aznpulse / Reset
3. Finesse / G Money
4. MegamanDS/ Juggs
5. Mike Z / BBhood
6. Combofiend / Ace Taiji **

Thanks to everyone for coming down. I know it wasn’t well planned, It was basically a last min situation. I didn’t want the tournament to happen, since the sticks weren’t in good condition. The tournament was to go on by demand. Hopefully next week we’ll have another tournament. Team tournament.

Ya that tourney was good shit…
random highlights: 4 people demand their money back when they see ducvader entering, Ducjr. sits back and lets ducvader do all the work even though hes supposed to be ducvaders mvc2 body guard, MikeZ beats people down with juggs :confused:, buff mike talks mad shit about the east coast into the camera after the matches,vids should go up soon I think…see yall on the hames side :wgrin:

shit was good and gay sticks kept fucking up but i had my good run in the end good games to all i played nice seeing everyone 2

RESET IS THE SHIT. Nice to meet you.

they demand their 2 dollars back, too good, lol.

Rich, wtf?

5th!!! Wow. Mike Z did all the work.

im the juggernauts partner bitch!

reset got lucky.


Edit - Who wants to be my partner(s?) for next week? I suck btw.

he doesnt lie


:annoy: When did this tourney happen I was there the Whole time:confused: