FFA Mvc2 2v2 9/29/07 RESULTS!

1st Fanatiq / Finesse team desert heat
2nd Mike Ross / Deus Team Super
3rd Dark Prince / Reset God(reset) Satan(Dp)
4th Combofiend / Sin Team Run

winners final was (mike ross/deus vs fanatiq/finesse) mike/deus take it

losers final were (dark prince/reset vs fanatiq/finesse) fanatiq/finesse take it

grand finals were (mike ross /deus vs fanatiq/finesse) team desert heat comes back 2 sets to win

was not at the event, was only told the results.

post for corrections. enjoy.

Seems right. I am not too sure about the Team names though…

Gonna visit FFA anytime soon Rich?

Good shit DESERT HEAT!

not sure when i’ll be able to go.
If i do go, it’s on tuesday nights around 10pm to close.

Were there any matches recorded?


edit: thanks for making my day.

Been waiting for these results for a while, got the full reslts/brackets? Thanks for posting :slight_smile:

Dark Prince should have those on his computer.


hahahahahahahahahahahahaha, this made my week

congrats to finesse and fanatiq representin ffa…

congrats to deus and rossimus representin dipset…

i would have entered but my goal was to beat mike ross and i already did that before the tourney…lol

ffa still has the best sticks in so cal

and the most enjoyable environment to play in

thanks for all the dhcs and finished combos, ffa

congrats to finesse for winning by himself

megamanDS + computer = special olympics


I left early.

Um…I did not loose to anyone in the tournamet except for Finesse 2 times…same goes for Reset so I’ll fix your post.

who are you?

guywongsta vs thegreaterforce ft 10 for $100



MY NIGGA SAID NOT THE MAMA!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahlkfobjkithj

how many teams entered this tournament and is this gonna be up on denjin video

Well the total in prize money was $130 so I am guessing 13 teams

calm down bill, it was an inside joke yo…we all know mike ross is too serious…

and anyways, it wasn’t fair…i’m used to FFA sticks lol

Hmm, now I was counter picked. I never got a chance to play reset. I would play him first to 10 for money, and I’d even play you first to 10 for money I’d just not stick with msp for an obvious counter pick.