FFA MvC2 3/7 Results - Thank you for the FREE PIZZA!

I forgot some of the results, but I will post as much as I can

1st - Fanatiq
2nd - The Killa
3rd - Reset
4th - Neo

Free pizza was given to all mvc2 peeps, thanks to Ralph. Sorry about the sticks giving out towards the end. MvC2 players too rough on the sticks!

How many people entered?
Did Finesse enter?
Who is “The Killa”?
Good shit Fanatiq!

Too bad I showed up late…


Good shit afterwards, though.

lmao thats exactly what I said when I read the results, then I look down at the second post lol

The Killa = G $$$

Thanx bbhood.
Yes Finesse entered he lost to me in semi-finals and danny in losers.

No actually The killa = soo, he lost to me in winners finals, then beat me a set and I won grand finals.

I like how videos just magically disappeared.

Did you ever play Toan? I wanted free money. :frowning:

Man if you bettin against me plz bet it with me personally, I’m gonna try to come up big time on this match lol…but yea I’m waiting til evo.

I like fanatiq winning with a IIDX pad, no joke.