FFA Mvc2 [ 3 on 3 Team Tournament ] ***4/1/06***

Marvel vs capcom 2
3 on 3 Team Tournament

1st Team Last Min Ftw Show Uppers [ SooMighty, Chris, George ]
2nd Team Gosus [ Ducvader, Reset, David Lee ]
3rd Team Super All-Stars [ Duc Jr, Taiji, Mike Ross ]
4th Team [COLOR=“Green”]$$$[/COLOR] [ Grand Master Jom, Garrett, G Money ]
5th Team Westside Connection [ Iron Illan, Finesse, Mag]
6th Team Beast [ Fanatiq, MegamanDS, Magnetro ]
7th Team Hames / Family [ Ipod, Buff Mike, Disco Inferno ]
8th Team Unknown [ Ray, Daniel, Doom ]
9th Team 3rd strike [ Combofiend, Amir, Randy ]
10th Team Badass [ ? , ?, ? ] didn’t get to catch their names.

Thanks to everyone that came down.
Despite the dramatic stick complaints,
another great turn out.
Hopefully more Tournaments in the future.
Next destination James hames.

garrett squared

good games to all i played

good job to soomighty

ps spiderman

what they have to do is fix those freakn sticks at ffa cause there shitty-_-

Good Job to everyone that placed. I wish I could have stayed to enter the tournament, but I had to leave at 8 :frowning: Next Time!


Had a blast… thanks for running these tourneys!

wow. we won :looney:


OG SA taking the cake. That’s some hype shit.

how did combofien’ds team get 9th who took them out

Any vids going to be posted?

Team Westside Connection sent combofiends team to losers and Team Hames / Family took them out of the tournament.

Good tourney though there was a lot of problems.

omfg team ‘chris’ is a beast. highlights were him sending me/reset/duc to losers, reset’s upset comeback vs Ace+mike fucking ross.

no matches wre recorded

soo just had to show up:sweat: :sweat: , but man i wish i was there. Good shit guys

castlevania is the shit.