FFA MvC2 & 3S Biweeklies - Granada Hills, CA - Starting Fri 10/3

Every Friday we’ll be hosting a tournament at FFA.

MvC2 and 3S will rotate nights, making each one a biweekly. On the nights that a tournament is not being held for a game we’ll have a whiteboard out for MMs.

To better illustrate, look at this list:
10/3: MvC2 tournament; 3S Money Match night
10/10: 3S tournament; MvC2 MM night
10/17: MvC2 tournament; 3S MM night
and so on…

Each tournament will start at 7:00PM (might change a bit in the future)

They will be $5 to enter, 100% of the pot goes to the players (so it will be pay to play). 70/20/10 pot split (1st/2nd/3rd).

Whether or not these will start out a ranbat season has not yet been determined. Chances are that the 3S ranbat season will start on 10/10 and the MvC ranbat season will start on 10/17, but this is not set in stone.

Here’s some fliers:

I’m down. :woot:

COUNT ME IN…:woot:


Don’t forget, we’re having a 2v2 and singles tournament on 9/27.