-=FFA=- MvC2 Friday Results *trash can that shit down*

1st - The world champion, Duc Do
2nd - Guitar hero, Mike Ross
3rd - Mr. fierce, fierce, fierce, roundhouse, roundhouse reset short, short rocketpunch, DEAD - Amir

Thats top 3, Lot of people surprisingly showed up. Whoever remembers or has the brackets can post the rest. I think there was around 20 people.

To Duc Jr - The old man told us your banned for life, just lettin you know. Good shit to those trashcrans, that was the highlight of the entire night.

I’m straight gangsta i don’t give a fuck and don’t call me ducjr. or you will be next…and post the whole fuckin results

i heard that some of the family fun players (fanatiq, disco especially) are bitches yet aren’t afraid to rig brackets and float everyone they can

aside from that, GOOD SHIT mike ross and amir and justin for stepping up his anger game

Yo just. What did you do man? Lol.

Mike Ross is the greatest. Period. <3

Also, good shit to justin just for being that dude. You Stay Nice


haha what did i miss?

good shit mike ross. all 1023890129038901289081908490182903810283 calls while you were in the theater made you nicer. how many people entered total?

justin: wtf did u do? lol

28 total. Some people dropped out…so i think it was about 25.

G-$$$ Invitational

19 players total, there was one bye, and one dropout…deus you never eat breakfast and don’t have a girlfriend, show up to the tournaments if you want to see whats going on bitch. nobody floated, couple people agreed to switch spots, loren switched with mike ross, disco switched OUT OF A BYE into a harder bracket to give Ace Taiji a bye, why i don’t know, i think he wanted to beat James (which he did what?). I don’t think Dark Prince the artist formerly known as Duc Jr. is banned for life, it was a misunderstanding. It looks like he can come back in a week.

Amingo Mike and Reset won the team tournament. Great come back Amir! and you are now champ until we meet in tourny again, Mike Ross wants revenge too :stuck_out_tongue: Great showing to everyone, A-games were EVERYWHERE, seriously haven’t seen everyone play so solid in a while, and i think i made like 300 bucks on side bets…next ranking battle in 2 weeks, friday is a good night for yall right?
Great job to EVERYONE that entered, lots of respect to anyone still competing at this level $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

MF 1st - DUC DO - 5 pts
2nd - Mike Ross - 4 pts
3rd - AMIR - 3 pts
4th - G-$$$ - 2 pts
5th - Dark Prince - 1 pt
6th - DISCO
7th - Finesse
8th - Wong
9th - Viscant
10th - Y2J
11th - Ace Taiji
12th - James
13th - Jose
14th - Thomas
15th - Fanatiq
some of the entries that went two and out, Berkeley Steve Yoo, Wes, RAAAAAUL!!!, Mr. Felacio, Megaman DS, Chuckstah, Amingo Mike


Mike Ross, why you so nice? (Did you play Warmachine/Blackheart/Doom?) MSS IS NICE! Good Shit Mike =]

Duc Do aka The GodFather aka The Zoning Guy good shit taking 1st =]

Good shit to the rest of the placers, FFA is indeed The Trash can that gets shit down lololol. I’ll see you all at Vegas =] Peace

Btw, who’s Chuckstah? lol


Damn, I can place at tournaments I didn’t even show up to. That’s how good my Cable’s gotten now.

–Jay Snyder

lol i didnt think that was you! sorry i guess i have one of the entries written down wrong, wasn’t there a guy playing like ken iron man gambit or some shit? haven’t played you for a while though viscant we’ll have to catch up, you are the man for the phantom top 10 finish :slight_smile:

if i entered the tourney, maybe i wouldve gone out in 2, but ya whatever. it was a good watch. i beleive reset also got peaced out by the colosus guy and the marrow player. he tried though

what the fuck are you talking about? can you make more shit up?

to all FFA players, the sticks got fixed TODAY (saturday) all new buttons. everything is now perfect. sticks were iffy yesterday for the tournament.

and darkprinceC can tell his story if he wants to tell it, its not my story to tell, and the old man did tell us it was a life ban but hes old so he will forget it in a week. we will protest if we have too!!

edit: good games on xmvsf to mike ross. i didnt know he was a top player at that shit too

hahahahah good games in xvsf. Im waiting for you to teach me EVERYTHING.


SHAADY!! Takin 2k9

EDIT: 9th should be Justin K (gambit/morrigan/sonson)

ggs viscant

chuckstah is this iron man cable sentinel player that is going out with Ben the dude…wears glasses and is a pretty good guy, but he needs to break up with Ben the Dude (who is a chick, named Ben The Dude)

Short and simple: Don’t call me out of my name again.

if this is disco

shut the fuck up

and if it is someone else?

highly doubtful just by judging deus’s post and db’s response.