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We need a new thread.
So start postin everything FFA mvc2 related.

Man i wanted to make the same thing…but the big screen on the right side is working fine now.

when do people go to play marvel? i wanna start playing again but its hard finding comp even at ffa. please don’t say sat or friday night :wasted: anyone go like tues-thursday nights? i try to show up those nights but its empty. i remember the good ol’ days when people had tournaments on saturday at 12 or 1pm, then it ended like at 7pm, you had dinner, went home and went out. now people wanna spend a whole night at the arcade :wasted:

I wish the tournaments would start at like 7pm and continue until 7pm the next day. That would be my dream for a tournament. FFA truly stands for “unfinished business” lol. jk <3 ffa.

Hopefully I can go to the next one and hit shogo/arlieth with the RUB GAME.

There isn’t any real marvel comp outside of tournaments except like console sessions. You should cum to ucla and visit your son. I need tuition money!!! lol.

batch you should come to some of our poker games cause we play marvel there too, you can finally pimp up a washed up sin like dash and i are for all the times he used to fuck us up back in the day :rofl:

I’m down to play pokero/marvelo anytime ese. I’ll show you lil heinas how its done. lol.

Aye Rich thanks for the ass woopin Fri. i got you once though.

Rich needs to hold some casuals at his pad so i can light him up :smiley:

light me up? got that the other way around homie.
last time you were at ffa, you know what went down. haha

side note: Finesse you’re a scrub!! finish your combos!! :wgrin:

u do console sessions are your place in UCLA? i’m going there tonight if u want some casual matches

Lol Is All I Gotta Say


i didnt know there was a new thread…

ranbat vids

hit me up when you and frank
have an mvc2 session,
I’ll roll through.

The beginning of that video got me hard.

Hey, was up this is Tek…I was just wondering when is there a lot of compatition at FFA and at what time. I don’t want to go there and find no one lol. Thanks for who ever lets me know.

usually friday nights 9p.m. and beyond
same goes for saturday night as well.

youll find random comp every night but there are more random people on thurs/fri/sat

hay guys
where be ekin?

I’m not going to FFA for the next two weeks cause of projects/finals.

Australia but I think he’s coming to CA soon.