FFA MvC2 March 10 Results... Ranbats 3.1 is Underway!


1st - Soo (10 pts)
2nd - Fanatiq (7 pts)
3rd - Dark Prince (5 pts)
4th - Amir (3 pts)
5th - MMDS, Mike Ross (1 pt)
7th - Reset
7th - Potter
9th - Ace
9th - Illan
9th - Cl0ckw0rk
9th - Muscle Mike
13th - Snatchunter
13th - Wong
13th - Bill
13th - Ceasar
17th - Finesse
17th - Illan Jr.
17th - Andy Rockwell (thanks for coming out from NY!)
17th - Darryl
17th - Clockwork Jr.
17th - Tony

my vids will be up by tonight, commentary vids probably in 2 weeks.

Ranbat Standing

Soo (10 pts)
Fanatiq (7 pts)
Dark Prince (5 pts)
Amir (3 pts)
MMDS, Mike Ross (1 pt)

Thanks to all that came down, about 24 entries. Final 6 was recorded and done with commentary by me, dogface, finesse and reset.

Props to potter for winning the 3 on 3 for his team, good shit.

So brackets were fine, seeding was fine, the only problem was stick complaints
About the sticks, Shogo fixed it before the tourney and once half way through the tourney so if they were still broken, Im sorry. You guys could have told me anytime, I even kept asking people whats wrong and no one was saying anything. The rule is, if its broken, let me know whats wrong with it and we will fix it. After losing to Dark Prince, I know it was broken, I told shogo and he fixed it in like 2 minutes. You guys need to do the same.

In the .rar there is
Finesse vs Clock (1,2,3 of 3)
Mike Ross vs DPC (1,2 of 2)
Fanatiq vs Potter
Reset vs Amir (1,2 of 2)
Soo vs Tony (1,2 of 2) (labled soo vs bill by accident)

3 on 3
fanatiq, illan, Dark Prince vs Mike Ross, Potter, Bill

direct link
right click save as

youtube link
youtube link down because its length is too long

:wink: Stop sandbagging Bill. Smack all of them upside the head with drones. :wink:


any match vids?

Here are some matches MMDS recorded with camera


i didn’t play soo yesterday

and will the team money match be uploaded

I know. I don’t know who that was, I just left the file untouched.


should be soo vs tony

3 on 3 up

direct link
right click save as

youtube link

Nice song choice, lol.

3 on 3 was awesome…cept for the sorry trash talk…should have just put vic on the commentary the whole time, i’d rather hear some awesome factoids than hear “Desert Heat” and IS THAT “Justin Wong/Magneto/IronMan/Fanatic/Potter/ etc etc every 5 seconds” so much for your “christian values” eh fanatic?

What was not christian? I didn’t put the money up my friend put it up cuz he knew I could beat potter (mike ross is just too good). FTR it’s fanatiq. I didn’t curse, didn’t truly disrespect any person and when the match was over I shook their hands and said good game despite my humbling loss. (Though the humility coulda been short lived). Where is the hate comin from?

Vic wins, w/o his commentary you all lose.

commentary vid in about 2 weeks, he does it

fanatiqqq <3<3<3<3

music is gangsta… bobs head back and forth

great, producing like farmers.

dark prince is too good

nah i’m not talkin about your money deal, i just didn’t enjoy hearing you scream half the match, if it was cursing it would have been at least funny… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

serious. your trash talk needs work…

and i dont get why youre so vocal at FFA when at Cal Poly you were pretty specific about NOT wanting to hear us talk shit during your matches.