FFA- MvC2 OPEN TOURNAMENT March 20 And big money matches

Ok, so since the 5v5 is coming up with Nor Cal vs So Cal, I wanted to throw the qualifers tourney.

So Cal has 3 guaranteed spots

  1. Fanatiq
  2. Neo
  3. J Wong

I am sure we can all agree that those 3 deserve a spot plus they bring variety to the table. We are playing for the final 2 spots + 1 backup. So top 3 will be 1st and 2nd in the 5v5, and 3rd will be a backup just in case.

This tourney is open to ONLY people that can make it to the 5v5 on friday, april 2nd at Long Beach West Coast War Zone tourney here.
Just so people take this serious, there will be a $5 entry fee.

Rules are blah blah blah, tourney starts at 8pm ( I don’t expect many entrants).

The reason I think FFA should hold it is because they are one of the last arcades that takes MvC2 as priority 1, and Regency players attend more than FFA players go to Regency.

Big Money Matches
Fanatiq vs anyone for any amount
Neo vs anyone for any amount

Call out the people you wanna money match in here.

And if Justin Wong is reading this, can you please do a makeover on the sticks? The lp & hp on P1 side of machine 2 go in and out, and I think the hp on all 4 sticks are bad. I am sure someone will post more specific. We are begging you Justin, please fix the sticks before this event.

EDIT: 5v5 at West Coast warzone has been canceled so this tourney is now open to anyone, doesn’t matter if you are going to WCW or not.

hum a Saturday. I havent been to ffa in a wile so I will try my best to make it out there. And yes I plan on going to west coast warzone. lol

ah ah hah ahah hah a man you niggas still dont get it man, it dont fuckin matter if wong lives on the west coast lol, hes not fuckin west coast ah hah ah hah ah hah ah ha hey yipes sanford why dont you come live on the west for a day then you can be on team west coast ah ahhah hah hah ahh ahhah ah by you guys putting wong on the team your basically saying you need east coast to spot you a player so you can even up the playing field which is pretty stupid, man fuck doesnt anyone have any fuckin pride anymore or is it all about the money. If I see wong on team west coast all hell will break loose unless, now fanatiq, neeyo it makes sense why they would be on the team. I dont really even give a fuck to be on the team really I mean it would be cool but in all seriousness thats bullshit.

I agree with Mike, to be honest, Danny.

Justin never repped West Coast, he merely resides here now. He was East Coast for how many fucking years of MvC2? Nearly TEN. Topping even that point, he doesn’t like or play Marvel as a serious game any more. He is all about TvC/SF4, remember? We “should be grateful he even played” us one quarter’s-worth that one night.

Fanatiq, Neo, Soo/Finesse if either of them contact/care, then top 2 can roshambo for the spot. Not the pussy rock-paper-scissors version. The Southpark “kick in the nuts back and forth til someone collapses” version.

Why are up at 4am?
Anyways, I was just going based off of what Loren and I were discussing. We can take him off if team so cal doesn’t want him. It was hypothetical. See you tomorrow at family

I agree that Wong shouldn’t be on Team WC. He needs a few years of residence =P
As for the tourney… Why’s it on Saturday if the 5 on 5 is on Friday? You’re all making me sad =(

What happened to playing for the spots like they said they would? I want to see that footage/live stream. I think its more entertaining if someone earned a spot rather than just give it to them. It makes more sense unless if you guys are running out of time. Then thats a different story! Just my 2 cents =/

Saturday March 20 is the qualifers for the 5v5
Friday April 2nd is the actual 5v5

And I think Fanatiq and Neo deserve a spot, but they can play if you want to see them play. I just think its stupid having top 5 get spots because the outcome might be to random or Neo might eliminate fanatiq or vice versa and then they lose their spot even though they deserve to be on a team.

I guess if we get around 10 people, we can round robin instead

Neo the regency dude?

Yea playing for the spots actually sounds kind of good in my opinon too. Everyday holds a new day of skill actually and a top player should always have his A+ game at the ready, I mean whats it gonna hurt to play for the spots. Im not even saying I deserve one of the spots even though I would like to be on the team, but I mean gentlemen this isnt street fighter 4 politics lol this is marvel a game of skill so its best that the true beauty of the game be always played to its fullest. And I mean wong is a good player, but its about the pride in your coast folks so im happy that people are actually taking notice to that shit, because serious wong if you were going to be on the team man im sorry brotha but I was going to have to power bomb you threw an arcade machine man hah hah ha hahhah hahah hahah hah ah hah ahhahah ah hahah ha ha hah hah ha hahha hah hah ah

…No. Neo the one that just broke texas. I agree with Megmands that fanatiq and neo deserve a spot in the team. Fanatiq is top 5 at evo and just beat toan in thir 2nd money match. Neo is top 5 at seasons beatings and just beat both toan and rudy not to mention he got 2nd at West Coast Warzone and 2nd and Norcal Regionals last year. it wold be a shame if any of these two players were randomed out or eliminated eahother out of the 5on5.

like Mike C and others, I also agree that Wong should not be on the team because he was/is ec since marvel came out. 2 cents here.

No I agree that Neo and Fanatiq should be guaranteed spots.
I was just saying that the qualifier on Sat stops me from participating since I’m Fridays only.

Well, I don’t think we’ll have an accurate depiction of socal…They only person still playing actively from 2nd generation is me. You can count danny too if he gets top 5. Neo is 3rd gen, clockwise is 1st but says he doesn’t care about marvel, mike C is 3rd, whereas Norcal has all 2nd gen people, crizzle, chunk, cableguy, neezy, …actually tinh ngo is 3rd. Justin Wong lives in WC now, it doesn’t make sense to not put him on the team…if there was a regional tourney in Texas when I moved there, I woulda been on the Texas team. I said it pretty plainly “I’m a texan now” When I lived there for the 9 months. I didn’t have any plans of moving back so thats what I considered myself.

Now if you want to argue that wong doesn’t play mvc2 seriously any more, you might have a point there, though his skill doesn’t require him to. He still hasn’t gotten bodied at a tournament except sb3. Every other marvel tourney he enters he gets top 3. If we have an EC vs WC sf4 exhibition, I’m pretty sure wong would rep WC. If this isn’t the case, then Wong shouldn’t participate in this event because that would mean that he still has ties to EC and is not truly a WC player. I don’t think that is the case though. He is officially a WC player now. I don’t think we need to dub him like a knight, he needs no inauguration ceremony, he’s been here for quite some time, has a job in the gaming scene here, has been running tournaments and entering tournaments here. He is a WC player. If daigo moves here what does he have to do to be considered an american player? i know because of country pride and honor its different, but you get the drift… i

Hey look everyone knows me to be Mike Chaos thats who I am i just had to throw that in there I dont want people getting use to calling me MIke C. thats bullshit I was chaos long before there was chaos anyways does anyone on this damn page know TUSHAR I need to get a hold of him. Fanatiq seriously its done man wong is not symbolic of the west, when you think wong you think East coast not west, and yea he should have to prove hiself no man on this earth is above that, everyday is a new day and holds new challenges but this is the marvel community lol, where people go politicing, you have to understand that if marvel is a random game then it makes sense not to play competitively at it meaning the game is broke, meaning titles are always up for grabs, meaning if your that skilled you should be able to place easily to make it on the team, if your smart and logical youll know that all of that shit i just said right there makes sense and we should play for spots. I mean its bad enough that were holding this tournament at ffa on ffa sticks especially when the five on five is going to be on console dont really make sense to me. I hope no one takes affense to this shit, but if you do and if you have ever talked to me you know that I dont give a fuck lol I just tell it like it is, ill be the first to tell you that my marvel record is not the best but that shit will change very soon.

bump, reminder

I require residency of 6 months, minimum =P

Bump as to what date now?

This Saturday, be there or be square.

First post updated, open tourney to all

5on5 canceled? Why?

neezy said nor cal 5 not coming down anymore