FFA- MvC2 OPEN TOURNAMENT March 20 And big money matches

who will be the 5 playing against us at evo? Most likely soo/potter/clock will be there so the event will be even more intense.

if socal isnt confident with their top 5, then we are willing to eliminate chunk to make…

neezy/crizzle/cableguy/tinh or f.champ/bronson “insanelee” tran. Chunk sucks anyway.

if there is no bonus pot being thrown in this, I personally am not interested in a 5 on 5…I’ll run a fanatiq concept (like the daigo concept) with norcal’s’ 5, vs me. individually 1v1 back to back 100 bucks a head. You guys down? Soo quit almost a year ago, potter doesn’t take marvel serious any more (vdo beat him last evo) and clock stopped caring also. They do not represent socal now.

maybe we can also get sin, julius jackson, junior B, Phat Toi and DC Static aka Dan to be on the 5 for so cal

2 days people

edit: nvm

What time is this?


leaving now, you all have my phone # so call or text if you need anything or if you are running late so i can add you in the bracket

heading out with a couple people, prolly gonna be a few min late. hopefully someone sees this ^^