FFA MvC2 post evo 8-31-07 tournament RESULTS!

ok, i cant find the brackets so im gonna list it from the top of my head.


1st - finesse
2nd - MegamanDS
3rd - Illan
4th - Clockwork Jr.
5th - Teki
5th - Tam
7th - Illan Jr
7th - Allan
9th - Spaz
9th - Mr. Pasadena
9th - Krypton
9th - XXX_Mantis
13th - Ricky

I beat finesse in winners, then illan was up 2-0 on me in winners finals but i got lucky and came back 3 straight putting illan in losers 3-2. Then in losers finals, i believe the same thing happened, illan was up 2-1 then finesse got a big comeback with sent and won game 4 then close match on game 5, but illans cable couldn’t pull it through even though it looked like he won and finesse wins 3-2. then finesse beats me 3-1, then sweeps me clean 3-0 in grand finals.

I missed a total of about 5 snaps and got a couple double snaps but couldn’t launch assist to death and capcom kept escaping :sad:

there was about ~13 entries. Pretty good last minute tourney.

good shit finessssse

How did Crapnatic do? Good shit finesse and illan.

Good shit finesse.

fanatiq came after and won his money matches

I heard finesse is blind in one eye which is why his sent is so buff

Thanks for throwing the tournament for me, I’ll see you guys all soon, and I’ll be at the ranbats for sure.

good shit to finesse and illan.



2nd place is garbage apparently…especially when you’re comparing it to 3rd:looney:

Wheres Perfect Jr.?

Good shit MMDS!!

Illan > you

what happend to fanatiq? no 2p macros on arcade? u guys couldnt fix that up for him? thats not fair.

lol j/p

FFA > you

Thanks dogface!!

before i go to work, i found the brackets. full results up and modified a little.


sorry I didn’t make it…ffa is just too far at times. Good shit folks.

thats strange seeing I got top 2 in ranbats and haven’t gotten less than 5th place in a tourney since 2k5 evo and arcade included. I also like how blaziniflo wouldn’t play me first to 10 for 100 even though I said I would play on a mas.

good shit finnese and Illan the don

Wow Dan, you put Finesse in losers? Good shit.

I was going to play you but then you showed me what type of person you are in the team tourney. You’re not a bad player, you’re just shit garbage as a human being. You don’t deserve to play me.

Plus I got to play Finesse, Illan and Hood the night before. You have nothing to offer that they don’t.