FFA MvC2 Ranbats 4.3 April 14, 2007. This is why we hot

1st - Finesse
2nd - MDS aka DMS
3rd - Dipset Killa
4th - Iron Illan
5th - Robzilla Justin Killa
5th - Illan Jr.
7th - Robert
7th - Darryl
9th - Jiovannie
9th - Cl0ckw0rk Jr.
9th- Jose R.
9th - Jared
13th - Strider Zero
13th - Strider Mike
13th - Hector
13th - Brandon
17th - Luis
17th - Big 3D


Finesse beat me 2-0 in winners, came back and beat him 3-2 and then he rapes me 4-1 in grand finals.

all of final 8 was recorded with commentary from me and dogface. everything ran smoothly.

Finesse: 20 pts
Fanatiq: 15 pts
Dark Prince: 12 pts
Soo: 10 pts
MDS: 7 pts
Dues: 5 pts

I only got a chance to record two matches of myself vs brandon and vs clock jr. because i was in and out of FFA. final 8 will be posted in about 4 months. PM magnetro if you want final 8 posted sooner.


Ranbat vid

Where’s SOO comeout of retirement

damn, illan 4th and illanjr 5th…

i should have went…could’ve got 4th hahahahaha

who’s dipset killa

I think that was fanatiq. GG’s to Regency Rob and the Illans. Damn you guys. :wonder:

I think that was fanatiq. GG’s to Regency Rob, luis, jared, the Illans. Damn you guys. :wonder:

GG’s. I am not sure who you are, didn’t see an entry for Mr Pasadena…

Robzilla: good shit, I am going to learn how to beat flying up sentinel, then you are going to get it.

FFA: Come out to rfc when you guys get a chance.

GJ MMDS and Illan in running it. Those were some crazy matches

MMDS is my hero.

Damn man, who knew you had it in you?

Actually, I think me and Fanatiq always knew but you sure as hell didn’t:)

Great to finally see you let the tiger out of the cage.

this tournament was ridiculously total hawtttness!


i only recorded 2 vids of myself, me vs clock jr and me vs brandon. the rest will be on the final 8.


GG’s everyone. I’m gonna start heading to FFA more often, but it’s a long drive from Bakersfield.

vids please

I had to mute that song, please no more spider man tunes. :looney:

Ranbat 4.1 is up shrug I know it’s really late =/

At least I already have the tape for ranbat 4.3 so that should be out in a few days.

isn’t dipset killer the same guy who lost to potter at cal poly?

^^^^^^ hahahahahahahahaha


good shit mang.

hold it down, K-MAC!

looks like this ranbat series is going to be close again :slight_smile:

nah, that was nipset nilla

yo, are you psychic, or just observant?