FFA MvC2 Ranbats 4.5 May 5, 2007 Results

Brackets: www.glitchvideos.com/bracketsffa45.jpg

13 People Entered

1st - Finesse
2nd - Steve
3rd - Mr Pasadena
4th - Mike Z
5th - metrock1
5th - Amir
6th - Clockwork Jr
6th - Illan Jr
7th - Strider Mike
7th - Mexico
7th- Crazy Joe
7th - The Exterminator
8th - Flying Guy

Some matches where recorded but the battery died on the handheld camera and the other camera was being used for 3S. Thanks Shogo and Tom for helping run the tourney.

NOTE: There was no commentary…

i thot it was may 5th yo

Is it possible to put the brackets up? Thanks again I always seem to enjoy it more when your running it BBhood.

That boi Finesse was on a mission last night. He was inspired by Floyd Mayweather.

Dog, Sat. was MAY 5th…Cinco De Mayo

i think he said that because the thread title says April

wow, good job to all. who did amir lose to and who did magnetro lose to

Amir lost to Cl0ck jr and Mr Pasadena, if I recall magnetro didnt enter.

when is the next FFA ranbat video coming out?

tight AV metrock1


Saturday, May 19th

I will put them up on wednesday. Sorry for the inconvience.

WOW!!! 4 ranbats in a row for FINESSE…

hell naw… dog is trash. Ya boy K-Mac aint gone let him win the next one

good shit mr pasadena!

Thank you Ace. All those whoopings from Action pays off. :tup:

good shit darell. =D bong-magneto for for the mother fucking goal.

I learn from the best. You know your msp is the shit.

it was my pleasure dawg. =] they don’t know about that BONG-MAGNETO!!! PASADENA BITCHES!!!lol

boring is gdlk?

gdlk is boring?




or is it: “Is Gdlk boring”?