FFA MvC2 Team Tourney 2 on 2 7/14/07 Results

All the video I have is on my HD now.

Sorry, Bill was my ride and we couldn’t make. We’ll swing for the fences on the next 2on2 tourney. Congrats to DP and Finesse, and props to Norcal driving all the way down. Let’s get these vids up pronto.

nice… put it on dvd, clean it up…and start sellin!!!


Im chopping the vids as we speak :wink:

Im bout 70% done with the editing and i still have to encode after. FUCK my eyes are bleeding.

Good matches krizzle,krongo, mike and hydro you fellaz are coo. DP good tourney and BB good shit kid you kept us going.

need vids…:tup:

best match of the night…

finesse vs clockwork

(clockwork’s strider throws a bird to kill storm w/a few pixels and storm’s first 3 rocks from the hailstorm kill strider first)

that shit was too crazy

good shit to both finesse and clockwork i really hope jason got that on vid

Ok vids are encoding now. 2 hours and 40 minutes worth. That was a long ass tourny. I did my best at naming the vids. They should be done sometime tonight and Ill try to have some up by morn.

Yeah I got that one :wink:

nice… i think u should market it instead of youtube-ing it. haha, but thats just me. $5 a disc… make that MONEY BAKO!!!

i completely agree, the videos metro posts shouldn’t be given away, the editing is the best i’ve ever seen in any fighting game vids

metro, you ever think about showing mike ross a thing or two about filming/editing?

and just think, hes done stuff from when we went to norcal, recorded the many times killakelly has come down, the couple times illan came down and puts it together clean… you should see the last tourney and team money match he put together. and just to think, Bako gets these dvds free (or we used to, u should sell em here, except to me. free for me!)

im trying to talk him into doin it for the tourney but he doesnt think it would be worth it or somthin. my man gots skills, and more patience than the rest of bako… show him some love. no homo

i was joking

mike ross videos shit all over everything else

Specially in your lap :rofl:

edit: Yes Mikes vids are dope, I enjoy watching them. I hope to see what hes got instore for his next epic release.

bleed eyes, bleed.

Heres some starters http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=metro661

My Gawd Soo…

Soo is the best hands down.

Metrock, dont trip I aint got SHIT in-store for videos.