FFA MvC2 Team Tourney 2 on 2 7/14/07

Hmmm?.Lets see I?ll be running this shit?.everyone knows the rules by now. It is 2 on 2 last man standing 2/3 per person. $10 per team to enter. Signups start at 7:30 tourney starts at 9. I will have both cabs tested before the tourney. Surprisingly the sticks have not been shit the last few times I attended FFA. I?ll ask Shogo if he can make it to be on hand in case anything breaks. This will be good practice if you plan on Evo. Pot split will be 70/30/Return of entry fee courtesy of Me(DarkPrince). Brackets may be on computer don?t know yet.

Edit: You may switch teams after you defeat one player(say you beat player A with santhrax, you may now pick a different team for player B). You may change character order after you win. Blind pick will also be available upon request.

Edit: This is going to be a really huge tourney. If you pull that stupid leave in the middle crap and not tell me or give me your phone # I will dq people.
Family Fun Arcade
10363 Balboa Blvd
Granada Hills, CA 91344
(818) 360-0419

There will also be a 3s 2 on 2

This Should Be Fun

I can’t wait to see this shit…

Do I count as 2 players since Im overweight?

i’m definitely down for this shit…

thats too far away =[. i say you just throw the tournament in two hours

I hear Finesse will be teaming up with DarkPrince…we will also play 2v2 money matches…any team that wants it will get it…I do mean any team…just try to stop me…

me/chunk. $20 a head? or higher?

imma b there no teammate yet… but we’ll see wats hood :cybot: …

Nor Cal is thinking of coming? That makes things more interesting. I’ll go but I do not have a partner right now. Any takers?

You guys should run this like next week or something. The Socal tournament scene is dead right now.

exactly i say you run it like…this friday??

sounds like a plan

We got…Aceson Maximus aka Seaking teaming up with Rossimus Prime aka Pedobear


Team Seaking


i hear iron man illan is teaming up with guywongsta…get hype for this, u should definitely throw this like…this weekend

team seaking wins


damn that team seaking lol

People calm down Im not throwing this any sooner. I gave such a notice so everyone could make time for the scheduled day and attend this tourney. The wait will be worth the hype.trust me.

But we cannot calm ourselves Mr. LesFleursDuMal…this will be too hype!!:wow: