FFA MvC2 Team Tourney Results

FFA MvC2 Team Tourney Results 6/25/05

1st-The Dream Team: Duc Do=Ducvader (team Ancient), DucJr. (row-a and y) (MSS)(scrub) (storm/cable/capcom) (MSP) (santhrax)

2nd-The HMC: Reset(msp) (MSS),DC Stadic(msp) (MSS) (scrub) (santhrax)

3rd-Team Random: Amir(MSP)(MSS), Illan(Ironman/cable/doom)

Tourney Highlights: Illan leaves amir to fiend for himself and amir still manages to get 3rd being a 1 man team :clap:

Ducjr. plays magneto…WTF??, DucDo is back WTF??

HMC takes the dream team to the last set which came down to Reset vs. Duc do, very good matches had me wanting an :encore:

Higher Cable Crew= The Dream Team :clap: :clap: :clap:
Good shit to everyone!!!

O YA P.S. DucJr…who???

Edit: Duc do=Ducvader

I miss marvel.

Good shit Duc Jr. Who was on your team? Good shit to Reset too. That nigga Reset is the youngest marvel player out there! Same with Duc :clap: Sigh, i can’t wait for PSM, see ya’ll there!


good shit reset + duc jr.

duc’s spiral is still a beast

oh shit, the DREAM TEAM!

Ducjr is a beast. Ya’ll don’t know about Jim from South Dakota.

ok ok ok lets cut all the beating around the bush. King-Kong ain’t got shit on Ducjr. and of course there r some haters out there, and I have one thing to say to them…Ducjr. Who??? just another dood…What…my friend is the fucking truth stepup up and you will get smashed down wit a motha fuckin AVHB!!! :wow: :encore: :wow: :encore: :clap: :clap: