FFA Mvc2 Tournament "King of FFA Mvc2" **2/18/06** RESULTS!

1] Soomighty
2] Combofiend
3] Ghenghis
4] Garrett
5] Finesse /Amir
6] illan / Reset
7] Mike z / Lou
8] Steve / CJ
9] Duc Jr / Ruben (1)
10] Hellfromabove / Disco Inferno

Thanks to everyone who came down. The matches will be posted soon. I know we had stick issues. The owner was doing the best he could. In the next tournament, we’ll have top notch working cabs. They’ll redo the wiring for the sticks and buttons. So hopefully we could have the same faces in action. I’m glad to see we had a great turn out. Big names made an impression towards the game. Although we had a 3 other tournaments going on, I’d like to thank everyone for being patient. Hope you guys could make it to the next tournament. I would like to take the time to thank Chunkstah / Woomighty and team northcal for coming down, Ghenghis for taking team san diego to the next level, Soomighty for taking my place in winners bracket to win the title Mvc2 “king” of ffa, and lastly FFA and team beast for making the event possible.

lol wtf amir plays mvc2? good shit man.

good shit all.

Dont forget to post the event on our website. Tournament was a success. I had a great time. Im glad there was a great turn out. So many great matches and comebacks…


wtf happened to hurricane genghis

good shit cumbofuckadomabominator


the beast master aka the nextest level aka lemme drive 5 hours to grace… good shit

Soomizzle all day getting cake

Cumbobulator aka I DON’T EVEN PLAY THIS GAME getting cakey.

Glad to see 3 of the world’s finest on top.

this is potter aka i can’t log out of phat’s sn lol

Great tournament, great turn out. Hopefully we’ll throw another one soon. Before Evo of course. Hopefully the next one will blow up!!! Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

good shit dogs, any vids

what happend to chunksta???

lost to mike z and got put in losers, lost to illan in losers. It’s really sad to see chunk not being able to place in this tourny.

  • Hmc

Best Match

Tong Vs Reset.

good turnout.

OMG NEEEZY!!! That av is fuckin’ off the chain. Higher Woo, Higher Pacman. Ahwa Ahwa. You better come to evo. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

lolol, man I hecka wanna go down there and chill with u guys, awa awa, lolol. tushar=the funniest/dopest.


good shit soo but man ducjr what happnd?!?! good shit finesse

good shit soo…but where was Potter??

http://www.shoryuken.com/forums/showthread.php?t=109235 <Having a tournament of his own.

You’re always welcome dude, anytime. Come with Chunk next time he comes down or Cable Cry :rofl: . Thanx.

-See Ya!!!