FFA Mvc2 Tournament "King of FFA Mvc2" **2/18/06**

FFA Mvc2 Tournament “King of FFA Mvc2” 1/18/06

**Date: ** Feb 18, 2006
**Event : ** King of FFA Mvc2
**Place: ** **FFA = Family Fun Arcade **

**Time : ** 8:00p.m. will hold till 9p.m. latest
Entry Fee: $5

:: Singles ::
Rules : Standard format /Double Eliminaton
Game: Marvel vs Capcom 2

**2 working h2h machines **
Sticks are up and running.

Directions :

**How to get to FFA: **
From LA, Riverside, Irvine, & OC
Go 118 west
Get off of Balboa Rd.
Take a left and go down Balboa
It is between Balboa and Devonshire
It will be on your left
Or you can get off of Devonshire on 405 and take a left
Go all the way down till Balboa
Arcade is in the Plaza

From Ventura County:
Go 118 east
Get off of Balboa Rd.
Take a right and go down Balboa
Its between Balboa and Devonshire
FFA will be on your right

Any questions, suggestions, please post.
See you guys there.

ill try to make

Well no more talking needed, lets run this shit

Nah man it’s gonna be past your bed time haha. ;D

about when would it end?

whenever we have these tournys, they usually end by 10:30p.m.

its at FFA, not winetka people.

and xmen might have a tourney if enough people show, so bring down the james games people jr.

Ill be coming down from norcal to visit my family, i just might make this tourny. If so, see you all there!


has anything been done to the sticks

or are they still shitty

The mvc2 sticks are fine. We might have a team mvc2 battle if heads are willing to participate. Other than that, like magnusscrub said, we could have an Xmvsf [xmen vs street fighter] tourny. If you’re down to play, post away.

I will be there for MvC 2.

team xmen vs sf!

i can maybe convince top 3 in the world aka thomas (=p) hames + super people to come for xmen


Let’s get Grimey


GET GRIMEY! hahahah. I’ll be there for sures. Get this Shit HYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYPHHHHYYYY!!!:looney:


try to make this my first mvc2 tourney

but last time i went (yesterday at like 3pm) they didnt have the xvsf cabs running

dunno if you guys knew that or not

alright just came from ffa. There are no Xvsf cabs. They took them out. What were they thinking?! Ohh well. NO xvsf tourny.

got caught by the five-oh, grandma came to court with da biboh