-=FFA MvC2 Tourney 8/11=-

G-$$$ will be holding the next MVC2 ranking battle in LA next Friday 8/11 at FFA. This will be a singles, and team tournament so bring your A-Game for side bets and money matches galore. Tournament sign ups at 8 PM, Tourny starts 9PM sharp. Which means tourny starts whenever after 9, let me know if you will be late…thanks to chunk for doing this at the last tourny.

You know the deal…Double elim for singles. Finals for winners/losers bracket 3outof5. Grand finals 4outof7 (unless power off in 3 minutes, in which case contestants will retire to the parking lot for a fist fight). Team Tourny single elim for 3 man team. Winners, losers, and grand finals, 2outof3 FOR THE WHOLE TEAM (the winning team will beat everyone through twice, TEAM MEMBERS CAN SWITCH UP THEIR TEAM IN LOSERS, WINNERS, AND GRAND FINALS IF THEY LOSE ONLY)

Prize structure 70-20-10 for singles and team and the winner of singles will also recieve a coupon for where to buy an XBOX 360 wholesale for 10$$$. Can’t wait to see everyone for the pre EVO ranking battle showdowns! Practice up!


here is the ranking thus far, show up and win the tourny pre-evo to go in to evo with mad reputation, chicks, and drugs. Belieze the HYPE!!!

DUC DO - 5pts
Chunksta - 5pts
G $$$ - 5pts
Mike Ross - 4pts
Anthoneeeezy - 4pts
AMIR - 3pts
Larry $ - 2pts
Orochi - 1pt
Dark Prince - 1pt

oh yeah here are the directions to ffa for all the Arizona heads showing up…

Family Fun Arcade
10363 Balboa Blvd
Granada Hills, CA 91344
(818) 360-0419

Arcade located in Granada Hills. Open late; closes 2-3 am! We have a number of fighting games and music games. Most fighting games are on 360s with Happs competition buttons. Old school and new school games on head to heads, showcases, and big screens!

G $$$!

how come i dont have any points

ssssssssickk, i just so happen to be off this day. I’m down to roll up with other norcal heads


hope all the socal gods will be there <3

you haven’t placed top 5 at any of the tournies

me/neezy/crizzle/chunkstaaaaaaaa/mr. f.a.b/keak da sneak/turf talk/40 wawtta/C-MONAAAY might roll to this tourney

get hyphy what it dewkie

Is the Xbox thing a joke or something? :-/

no man i’ll give you your coupon

i’ll be there fo sure. Then, DOTA TOURNEY SATURDAY. punk ass muthafuckas.

We’ll be there like at 9 -9:30pm you know cryp we live in SB.

ahh, 9 is pretty late…u should make it earlier G-MONAAAY.

i gotta work the next day @ 3 so wus it gonna b?

got to keep a lot of people happy mein, ill shoot for 9 but i can always rush through your matches if you want anthoneeeezy

im down to enter all tournies today… one thing mike are you down to take me home? if not then i wont be entering marvel i think, cus neiman has to roll out at 12… so nsj hit me back. also ace are you going?

you better go reset. i like watching you get pissed off when you lose. <3! sit on IT!

there is a tourney today? wtf