FFA Mvc2 | XvSF Ranbat 2.5 **3/25/06**

FFA XvSF Ranbat 2.5 3/25/06

XvSF Ranbat 2.5 3/25/06

Since 3s/Cvs2 has ranbats, I thought I’d give the
XvSF players some love as well.

Date: March 25, 2006
Event : XvSF Ranbat 2.5
Place: FFA = Family Fun Arcade

Game: Xmen vs Streetfighter
Entry Fee: $2
Time : 10:00p.m.

:: Singles ::
Rules : Standard format /Double Eliminaton

Pot : Winner take all.

One H2H machine.

**Directions **:

How to get to FFA:
From LA, Riverside, Irvine, & OC
Go 118 west
Get off of Balboa Rd.
Take a left and go down Balboa
It is between Balboa and Devonshire
It will be on your left
Or you can get off of Devonshire on 405 and take a left
Go all the way down till Balboa
Arcade is in the Plaza

From Ventura County:
Go 118 east
Get off of Balboa Rd.
Take a right and go down Balboa
Its between Balboa and Devonshire
FFA will be on your right

Any questions, suggestions, please post.
See you guys there.

sticks need fixing. sorry guys. hopefully april 1st will be legit.

I’ll be there

there as fuck

I will be there.