FFA! MvC3 sucks....why did we get this

this game is awful

I love how this thread will end up being the most popular thread in the history of SRK.

hahahaha this thread is still at 2 views…I’ve looked at it at least 15 times too

It’s for people who can’t do a fastfly in MvC2 so they can feel better about themselves =(

Never the less, anyone know when FFA is gonna host a setup for this? I know James Games is gonna have it by Friday of its release week.

mooyang totally nailed it…in MvC3 a 1 pixel comeback all team kill can be executed easily with some meter, by 100% of the characters…every char is top tier…not just Iron Man/Mags/Cable/Storm/Cyclops/Shuma/Spiral/Juggernutz/Silver Samurai/Shuma Gorath/Doom/Shooma/Blackheart/Strider/Shumer Goomer/Doomer/Boomer/Thanos

lol silver samurai top tier. I remember an OG at Milpitas Golfland really good with him. Ohh I’ll miss those days.

Is it really that easy though. I know X-Factor lasts a while when you’re down to one character, but can’t the opponent just hold up back and sj away ala Blackheart till it runs out ? o_o

yeah man basically…but when you catch that sandbaggin’ character and finish it with the easiest, gayest looking combo ever…they will probably totally lose their shit. It is going to be comedy man, just you watch

Not to intrude on your thread guys but the title is AWESOME and this post is gold!

Thumbs up soldiers

We should be getting it the day of its release. We are also building dedicated cabinets just for this game. It’ll have a Japanese arcade setup, but have a USB port so that you can plug your own stick into it.

I know that a lot of you MvC2 players probably aren’t that interested in the game, it’s more of an update to TvC than anything, but there’s a lot of hype for it and we have to go where the hype is.

As far as system mechanics go, I’m not a fan of things that reward players with low health (Rage in Tekken, Ultras in SF4, X-Factor in MvC3, Desperation Moves in early KoFs, etc.), so I probably will dislike that feature (It can work sometimes, as long as it doesn’t benefit them too much; in BlazBlue the super meter builds up slowly on its own when you have low health and that seems okay). I wanted to get into TvC but I never had a Wii, so I’ll probably get into this game, fully aware that it is much more like TvC than MvC2.

the combos are ridiculous Nathan…you are going to love this game

im interested in playing this game by myself in arcade mode against the level 8 computer characters but thats about it, feels like a jumbled mess tbqh but then again im a marvel player not a tvc player

nice thread name lol. So while in the lab, I found something that just confirms how GDLKE the robot is. This is to everybody that hates the machine:


it’s ok don’t be heartbroken…she will take you back

You can’t roll out of that? I’m still skeptical about the game… Maybe if you show some storm combos I’d change my mind :slight_smile:

stfu! you caint’ even combo
u bee loookin like a double whopper holding a straw in that video! :rofl:

jimmy youre dope hahahahaha

What are your real thoughts on the game? Forget there’s a “marvel” in the title for a second and view it objectively. From what I see it has to gameplay of low tier marvel, except everyone has godlike damage.

BTW getting it tonight, hope I’m not too disappointed =/

anyone that calls marvel “crack” is a fagget in my book

FFA will have its first MvC3 tournament on February 20th.

It will be coupled along with our existing airdashers tournaments which consist of BlazBlue, Guilty Gear, Arcana Heart 3, Vampire Savior, and Melty Blood. We used to host Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, but we’re rolling over to MvC3.

Here’s the tournament thread.

What’s a fagget? I mean I have heard of *******, but not faggets…