FFA Ranbat 1.2 Results (SF4, 3s) 2/13/10

FFA Ranbat 1.2 Results (SF4, 3s) 2/13/10


1: Justin Wong
2: Hugo101
3: Kilomax
4: Commander Jesse Shepard
5: MarLightning
5: Xombie
7: DJ Vest
7: DNC

3rd Strike:

1: Justin Wong
2: Arlieth
3: Vinny Marano
4: JoeDubbs
5: Umanami
5: Dae
7: Kazzy
7: Yoyo

Ranbat Season 1 Scoreboard

Street Fighter IV:
1: Justin Wong (20)
2: Hugo101 (8)
3: James Chen (7)
4: Kilomax (6)
5: OnlineTony213 (5)
6: Commander Jesse E. Shepard (3)
7: Arlieth (3)
8: Xombie (1)
9: MarLightning: (1)

3rd Strike:
1: Justin Wong (20)
2: Arlieth (12)
3: JoeDubbs (10)
4: Vinny Marano (5)
5: Kro (3)
6: Umanami (1)
6: Dae (1)
6: Paper Bowser (1)
6: Kilomax (1)

so how many people enter these?

about 25-28 for SF4, 13-15 for 3s so far.

damm wish i could have gone ill be at the next one

I’m really very pleased by how well these ranbats have been ran. The tourneys start pretty close to the scheduled times, much better than most tourneys. Ralph, Arlieth, and the rest of the crew there have really taken note of what us players have asked for and done their best to accommodate everyone. The USB ports for are sticks are amazing! And Ralph bought pizza for everyone who entered in the tournament, which I know everyone really appreciates it! Props to FFA!

And Arlieth, you can look forward to another honda at the next ranbat :lol:

These ranbats start way too early for me. =\

Arlieth: i almost had you! ill get you next time! if you ever need help with runnin the tourney let me know, im a well experienced TO

Striderzer0: thank you for recording the matches and hope to see them up asap! :smiley:

Yoyo: Your ibuki is beast, keep it up! and lolz for playing to play against Jwong in winners xD

everyone stepped it up! good job yall! hope to provide a semi decent challenge to yall next ranbat :smiley:

GYT Recap

Videos also available!

Destruct1ve: Thank you for the kind words. Usually, people only notice what goes wrong in a tournament instead of what goes right. Fortunately, we had few hiccups and the whole thing ran pretty smoothly, but it takes a lot of work. It means a lot to have that recognized.

God, so many Hondas >_<

Hope to see all of you at the next one!

I always have a great time at ffa. thanks to arileth for running the tournament in a very pro style! and thanks to ralph for the free pizza! :lovin:

Man Good job saul for placing top 3!! :tup:… Sorry guys I couldn’t make this one =[…I had to do the whole girlfriend thing =/ lol

The Family Fun Arcade Season 1.2 Ranking Battles Playlist

Great vibe @ FFA on Saturday. Had to leave early but shit was crazy. Got to see familiar faces as well. :stuck_out_tongue: Hopefully I’ll be there for the next ranbat.

just seen all the matches good stuff ppl props to hugo killer bison ill be at the next one for sure

**** I was gonna head to this one…but some things came up

next one i’m in for SURE

3PM is too early? lol

ahha thanks han… yeaah… jwong ripped me a new one =_= i looked reaaallllyyy badd haha

i’ll be better prepared next ranbats. i’m surprised i made that list tho… even if i was last xD

If the sun is still up its too early for me. :smokin:

Yo, Twilight ain’t real!


i lold to the max