FFA Ranbat 1.3 (SF4/3s) Results! 3/15/10


Sorry for taking so long to post this! Here are the results:


1st: Vicious (+10)
2nd: Jesse (+7)
3rd: Hugo101 (+5)
4th: Thomas (not me) (+3)
5th: Demon Hyo (+1)
5th: Amir (+1)
7th: Evil Elvis
7th: K-Wheelie

3rd Strike-

1st: Arlieth (+10)
2nd: JoeDubbs (+7)
3rd: Amir (+5)
4th: Koji (+3)
5th: Grom (+1)
5th: Kilomax (+1)
7th: Ate-O

Check the main tourney thread for running totals! http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=222268



NM, wrong Jesse.


Damn Vicious!


damn… so close to getting on the board… :bluu:
this weekend im getting points for sure


What happened brother demon?

Nice Arlieth


goodshitgoodshit jeremey


Props to k wheelie and hugo my bison will be better next time


COMMANDER!!! nicccee jesse! :tup:


Thanks Steven! :bgrin:


good shit jesse! you are getting better and better! your chunli has always been up there, and you know it!


Finals videos here

Top 8 videos here

Good shit Jeremy



lol. Thanks man. You have really helped my game along the way and I appreciate it.