FFA Ranbat 2.3 is out

suprised it hasn’t been posted… or maybe it’s cause everyon has seen it… but it’s on combovideos.com

emphy is strong…

Yeah, I thought it was some damn good 3S. In my opinion, 10x more entertaining than the latest Chunfest from Gamer’s Vision. Arlieth vs Emphy was one hell of a match, and it’s just downright scary what Pyro does to people when he hits the gas.

yea… the gamervision was one of the worst ranbats ever… aruka was the only saving grace…

but yea. this ffa ranbat was great.

Good Ranbat. Some excellent and creative GJ by Pyrolee.

This Ranbat should’ve had a DVD release with the amount of new and old school players showing up. Alex Valle, JR Rodriguez, Watson, Frankie3S, Pyrolee, Sextaro, Adolfo, Amir, MikeZ, AfroCole, 5Star .

I for one never expected to see all those names in the same tourney.

I just wanted to know what the deal with Emphy was? Either screwed controls or he had a bit of nerves, otherwise he had a really interesting Urien, fast thinking with the Aegis setups, as well as good charge partition, although doesn’t seem too experienced in the different matchups. And of course Pyrolee made Yun just look god tier with the amount of spacing and ‘Yomi’ going on.

I mainly just wasn’t used to the sticks, not that they were bad though.

That, and I suck at 3S.

nah you dont suck man after what i saw in that vid shesh…nicely done man good stuff

You’re funny.

Anyway, I learned some good GJ stuff off Pyro, nice ranbat.

Ahh man how else can I get this besides Combovideos?

I forgot my username/password and the email recovery hasn’t responded in hours.

yea emphy stop sucking

The production on that ruled.

No commentary until the end, and it was mixed in w/ crowd noise and machine noise. That was really well done, because usually the commentary detracts from the matches themselves. The intro was cool too.

So whoever put that together good work :tup:.

Why the commentary hate? :frowning:

I know its a bit much at times, but shit like “Juggle him! Don’t you play this game?!?” make the vids even better.

I always thought the commentary was the best part.

no commentary cause they didn’t hook up the microphones hopefully next time they’ll be commentary thats the best part

btw for those that havn’t heard rock beat emphy for money in urien mirror match gonna be in the best bout

I’m finally gonna be able to see Roc’s Urien in action. I wonder how good he actually is. :wonder:

Blah I can’t express how annoying the commentary is. This Ranbat was the best ever because there was none. But somehow the commentary at the very end felt appropriate and was well done w/ crowd noise etc.

Trust me it’s a good thing.

And ppl are split 50/50 on the commentary nerds find that shit funny as hell the rest of us wanna put a bullet in his head.

Yeah, some of the commentary for me is just so bad that it’s good. Commentary in general makes any fight more exciting for me. You could take a scrub fight and throw some commentary in there and I’m all for it. :lol:

“Pyrolee, the secret is out, you’re not chinese” - Rockafeller :rofl:

Quite possible the worst RB I’ve seen from FFA. Good matches but the quality was terrible, the sound got anoying after a while. Probably the best thing about it was them showing FFA at the start and Rockafellers quote up there. Like I say good matches, but lacking in the watchable department.

What’s with you guys? :confused: The commentary at the end wasnt all the hearable unless you tried to listen to it. The video quality was pretty good to. So I have no idea whats wrong with FFA ranking battles in general. :arazz:

You guys think Emphy played that good? That wasn’t too great, he usually plays way better then that normally. He connects 3 shoulders in the corner most of the time on a good night. I ain’t even bragging about the guy. I don’t even like him very much.
Emphy, tell your people to come to MGL more often. More fun with you guys around.
Don’t hate on the commentary. Who wants to hear the game sounds anyway when you know what it sounds like? Much rather hear a joke in there every once and again then nothing.