FFA Ranking Battle 6 (3S) TEAM BATTLE - Granada Hills, CA 2/12/08

Family Fun Arcade Season 6 Ranking Battle is here and its time for what everyones been asking for… TEAMS

This season will not be the traditional point system singles tournies, instead it will be a series of different kinds of team based tournaments. No points will be given out, just lots of team tournies starting Feb 16 2008.

Family Fun Arcade
10363 Balboa Blvd
Granada Hills, CA 91344

All signups begin at 5pm and tournaments begin at 7pm.
Standard Entry Fee is $5, and each game will be assigned their respective tournament organizers. Denjin Video will provide materials such as brackets, and will also facilitate direct-feed recording for all scenes. Tournament Staff/Organizers for all games also receive complementary drinks (on my tab).

Note: In the event of mechanical breakdown of game controls, it is the PLAYER’S RESPONSIBILITY to call it by physically withdrawing from the cabinet. If no defect is found with the controls, match is restarted with a Yellow Card violation to the player. If a second violation occurs, game becomes an automatic forfeit. Also, any intentional physical interference is an automatic Red Card.

Note: If anything happens between players that does not directly affect gameplay (i.e.: colors), we are not stopping the match. Holding up a tournament for an immaterial issue is grounds for a DQ.

What IS covered under ‘material issues’: Not picking a character until the timer runs out (forcing your opponent to pick a super before he knew what character you were picking). Double Blind Pick is an option if this occurs, EVEN AFTER THE FACT. However, a timeout at the Super Art screen is legal IF both players have yet to select their Super Art. (This instance is rare, but may occur in matchups like Makoto vs Makoto.) If this is confusing at all, I’ll explain it at the tournament if it becomes necessary.


Feb 9 2008

All players will sign up as either Dudley or Ryu. For example, the tourney could be 20 Dudley players signed up vs 25 Ryu players so that will make it a 20 on 25 tourney. Each player on the losing side will pay the other side $5. So practice up your Ryu or Dudley, this is less than a month away

Since the DUD VS RYU tourney will go by real fast… here is how we will end the night… best of Arcade Infinity, best of Regency, best of Camelot/SHGL, best of Interface, best of FFA vs each other in a round robin. 3on3 style

You all have a month to decide who will be the 3 players representing each arcade. You will post on this thread by Feb 1st who will represent each arcade.

Round Robin format makes it so every arcade gets to play every arcade. Highest score wins.

And lastly… if you can’t decide on the team members, you guys can all fight for it. This must be your HOME ARCADE… SEXTARO YOU ARE FROM CAMELOT/SHGL. If there is any other arcade outside of the ones I’ve listed who want to be added, please post and let me know.

Feb 23 2008
3on3 Team Tournament

Basic 3on3 team tournament rules
Entry fee is $5 a person, $15 a team.
Pokemon Format
Single game, double elimination

March 8 2008
2on2 Team Tournament (1 Player using 2 Characters)

Basic 2on2 team tournament rules except one player will play both characters, 1 man team style.
Entry fee is $5 a person
You will sign up as character A and character B. Character A must go 2nd, character B must go 1st.
Pokemon Format. Person 1’s character B vs Person 2’s character B, person 1 wins, the next match will be Person 1’s character B vs Person 2’s character A.
Single game, double elimination

March 22 2008
3on3 Ray Ramos Rule Tournament

Basic 3on3 team tournament rules except top tier players are not allowed to team together. HOWEVER. Top tier players are only considered top tier playing there top tier characters. So if Pyro decides to not pick Yun and for example decides to pick Q, he is allowd to team with Sextaro who will play Makoto. Or if both Pyro and Sextaro decide not to play there mains and Kobe decides to join them and not play his main, it can be a team of Pyro Sextaro and Kobe with characters (Q, Yang, Ibuki).
We have had debates about how to get the non top tier players a chance to make it into the finals and we have concluded that having it ratio’d will only make it so it comes down to a top tier battle. But now the rules are have been bended sightly so that the non top tier players will not have to play a top tier broken team unless these players are not using there best characters.
Pokemon Format
$5 per person, $15 per team
Single game, double elimination

April 5 2008
5on5 Team Extravaganza! FFA CUP 1

The tourney of all tournies. THE SUPER BOWL OF 3S
We all know the rules
5 Man team, no restrictions
$10 entry fee per person, $50 per team
Bring your A game
This is the tourney that I want everyone to come out, represent your arcade.
Single game, double elimination
Pokemon format

I will do my best to create a DVD to be sold with this tourney. Every match recorded so no one thinks paying a hefty entry fee will be wasted. We will make sure there are more details of this to come later.:sweat:

Standard Kobe Rules for tourney applies: STAY NEAR THE TOURNAMENT AREA

Please let us know what you think! All results are publicly visible, and the majority decision will influence, if not directly decide FFA policy. This will be announced in advance of an event.

DISCLAIMER: By entering an FFA/Denjin Video tournament, you acknowledge that your matches will be recorded, become the property of FFA and Denjin Video, and made available to the public. If you do not want your matches recorded, you will be disqualified from the tournament and all future events until you sign a release form. FFA/Denjin Video has already set a precedent for recording matches and reserves all rights to footage taken upon their premises and/or events.


Yi, you GAY.

I was wondering when we were going to do this.

I’ll volunteer to help if you guys need a hand. Standing around, even if it is watching a pretty good match, can get pretty tiring for guys with bad posture like me.

ffa 3s is back. Where you at Justin?

is ty FFA or interface?
im reppin team interface!

I think I actually rep San Diego don’t I?

Aw man, I’m down for reppin IF.

I r Camelot.

ed and i represent china

exciting stuff! yi i wouldn’t really stress out about releasing a DVD i don’t think anyone would buy it anyway. just somehow get footage and get it to the mass (youtube, denjin???)

i rep AI…sadly

Never mind I guess everyone has to play for a spot. Sorry some noob is a noob.

ive decided to add another team to the arcade battle


and who made you captain of interface/POWERZONE ty? dont forget the creator

Ty, I’m your man! Otherwise I’ll be leading team Moorpark College to victory…too bad there hasn’t been another good player playing there since…well, the entire time I went to Moorpark I never played another good player.

NINJA EDIT: I’ve seen Duralath there! :tup:

arlieth, frankie3s, victoly, john d, the chins can all play for moorpark arcade

would be better if you guys didnt just say this guy is on this team and im on that team, give everyone a chance and play for it on your own

UCLA / Shatto 39 Lanes anyone?

Cal Poly Pomona anyone?

Zot Zone anyone?

Riverside anyone?

me ryan pyro = cal poly pomona

Riverside, I lobbied for you :stuck_out_tongue: So bring your respective A-games!

then why does your location say FAMILY FUN narby

refer to this for more information on the arcade battle


Riverside = Me, Sherwin, Hai

I’m going to try to get some people from TX to come to this. Sounds fun. :smile:

Who, me?

Anyway, this sounds like good times…good shit, Yi.