FFA SBO West Coast USA Qualifiers - 3s Results

3rd Strike (May 12th, 2007)

12 Teams Total

1st: The World’s Strongest Men <— 2007 USA WC SBO TEAM
2nd: Three Bears
3rd: Tiger (Heat)

Team Listing:

James Wang Yun Hawaii
Nigel Yung Ibuki Hawaii
Kyle Okamoto Remy Hawaii

Ryan Gutierrez(Gootecks) Urien Monterey Park, CA
Hung Han(Hungbee) Oro Rosemead, CA
Michael Watson(watts) Ken Monterey Park, CA

Michael Schultz Ken Santa Cruz, CA
Corey Kaczmarek Necro Santa Cruz, CA
Alex Faix Ryu Santa Cruz, CA

Night Rain
Louis Cherry Akuma Oakland, CA
Ryan Bracamonte Urien San Diego, CA
Michael Wakefield Makoto Santa Clara, CA

David Maher Urien Covina, CA
Kevin Lopez Hugo Riverside, CA
Alex Vinas Ryu Ontario, CA

Three Bears
Yi Wang(Kobe Bryant/5Star) Ken San Diego, CA
Amir Amirsaleh Chun Li Los Angeles, CA
Vic Vance Dudley Rowland Heights, CA

Team Mexico and Friends
JR Rodriguez Akuma Los Angeles, CA
Ray Ramos Hugo Long Beach, CA
Eric Chin Yun Simi Valley, CA

The World’s Strongest Men
Michael Fauson(Pyrolee) Yun Arcadia, CA
Kentaro Inoue(Sextaro) Makoto Aliso Viejo, CA
Ricky Ortiz Ken Milpitas, CA

Golden State Warriors
Sherwin Uy Dudley Riverside, CA
Hai Vo Makoto Riverside, CA
Stan Chin Chun Li Riverside, CA

Ken I Sucks
Esby Rosas(Combofiend) Oro Los Angeles, CA
Edward Ma Ken Costa Mesa, CA
Thomas Shin(Arlieth Tralare) Makoto Simi Valley, CA

John D. Rockefeller Urien Encino, CA
Alex Valle Ken Westminster, CA
Josh Ramirez Chun Li Granada Hills, CA

Andrew Zantua Yang Simi Valley, CA
Mason Mindanao Alex Simi Valley, CA
Vinny Marano Ken Simi Valley, CA

from Bill:

  • started about 1 hr ago
  • 6 or 7 teams
  • no JWong
  • pyro’s team, combo’s team, yi’s team win their first matches

any update?

From Arleyjuice in #SBOupdates:

Winner’s Bracket:

Three Bears puts Tiger Heat into Losers

World’s Strongest Men vs. Team 626

Team 626 Wins first set!!
World’s strongest barely wins set 2!
Sextaro OCV’s Team 626 to move ahead!

World’s Strongest Wins

Loser’s Bracket

Team Yaranaika vs. Night Rain

Yaranaika wins set 1.
San Diego Ryan OCV’s for set 2.
Yaranaika comes back for set 3.

Yaranaika wins

Team Mexico vs Team Intertoast

Eric Chin OCV’s for set 1.
Team Mexico Wins set 2.

Team Mexico Wins

$$$ vs. Team Gimmick

Cory’s Necro OCV’s for set 1.
Team Gimmick wins set 2.
$$$ Wins set 3.

$$$ wins

Tiger Heat vs Golden State Warriors

Valle OCV’s for set 1.
Tiger Heat wins Set 2.

Tiger Heat wins

Team Mexico vs. $$$

Ray Ramos OCV’s for set 1.
Team Mexico Wins set 2.

Team Mexico wins.

Team Tiger Heat vs Team Yaranaika

Tiger heat wins set 1.
Tiger heat wins set 2.

Tiger Heat wins.

Ken I sucks vs. Team Mexico

Team Ken I sucks takes set 1.
Team Ken I sucks takes set 2.

Ken I sucks Wins

Team 626 vs. Team Tiger Heat

Shadini OCV’s for set 1.

Tiger Heat Wins

Ken I Sucks Vs Team Tiger Heat

Ken I Sucks wins set 1.
Tiger Heat wins set 2.
Tiger Heat wins set 3.

Tiger Heat Wins

Winner’s Finals

World’s Strongest Men vs Three Bears

Pyro OCV’s for Set 1.
Three Bears win Set 2.
World’s Strongest Men win Set 3.

**World’s Strongest Men win **

Loser’s Finals

Three Bears vs. Team Tiger Heat

Tiger Heat wins set 1.
Three Bears wins set 2.
Amir OCV’s for set 3.

Three Bears wins

Grand Finals

Three Bears vs. World’s Strongest Men

Amir OCV’s for set 1.

Grand Finals Reset

Whoever wins 2/3 sets qualifies for SBO 2007!!!

World’s Strongest takes set 1.
Amir comes back from the dead and reverse OCV’s for set 2!!!
World’s Strongest takes set 3.

World’s Strongest Men Win and Qualify for SBO 2007!!!

Update 1:

No teams eliminated yet

Semi Finals result:

Team The World’s Strongest Men (Beats Team 626)
Team Three Bears (Beats Team Ken I Sucks)

more results please!! getting interesting!! btw where is JWong?

Teams that survived Loser’s

Team Yamanaika (Eliminates Team Night Rain)
Team $$$ (Eliminates Team Gimmick)
Team Mexico and Friends (Eliminates Team InterToast)
Team Tigers (Eliminates Team Golden State Warriors)

thats what i call live update :tup:

I would like to apologize to Ricky, Pyro, and Daphne. I couldnt answer my phone because I didnt have my phone. My phone flew out of the window while I was on the bus and it was crowded one day. And it suddenly stopped at a red light and everyone fell back. So when the people felled back, I was pushed so hard, my phone flew out of my hand and thats why I havent been answering my calls. I dont even know my voicemail password so I couldnt check on how many Voicemails did I have this past week. I was so busy the week of SBO. When I found out, I couldnt have gone, I told my boss that I could work on that weekend. And I had finals this week so I had no time on the computer. My computer is on 24/7 so when I usually check my comp, its usually 7-8 AM eastern time and everyone in the WC is usually sleeping. I am terribly sorry to let my team down and I will not be entering SBO EC Qualifers no matter what because I dont deserve the spot. I know it will be unlikely for my team to forgive me that easily but I hope everything works out in the end.

Sorry to everyone expecting me to be coming out to SBO WC Qualifiers

more updates please!!

i do hope u reconsider entering for the ec qualifiers justin.

Am I the only one who keeps scrolling to the first post to see who’s on which team and making better sense of who beat who?

they wanna see jay done, and they only loving new york on VH1

ARLY: YARANAIKA. with an R not M. Read katakana correctly plz. :stuck_out_tongue:

GG’s everyone. There’s always next year. Gotta level up.


it was so intense. GGs everyone, gl to Pyro, Ricky, and Ken I in SBO.

watching these matches made me lose 5 years of my life. too much tension. i still love the three bears.

Hey everyone,

Hope all of you liked the play by play updates. I want to thank John Choi for making this possible and sticking around till the very end, Shogo and Gootecks for handling shit throughout the entire day, Ralph the FFA owner for getting the Japanese setups available for us and for his absolute support of the fighting game scene, Interface crew for helping us set up in the morning, and each and every one of you that entered for supporting Super Battle Opera. There are guys that flew in from freaking Hawaii of all places.

We recorded almost every single match and will be planning a DVD project, for real this time, courtesy of Denjin Video.

This is the longest ever running 3s tournament in FFA history, due to the fact that we started late (5:30) because of equipment malfunctions (mixers causing video interference, the 1P monitor burning out in the morning and giving us a heart attack, physically breaking off bolts from inside the Capcom Impress Japanese cab to get the stick to fit, etc), and running it on one setup instead of two. With twelve teams, 3v3, 2 out of 3 matches and double elim, we ended up finishing at 3:30 AM. That is a ten hour tournament, people. Add this with the seven hours of preparation beforehand and all the setup from the week and day before and we are some very tired mofos. I very much appreciate everyone’s patience with the setup delays and the length of the tournament, and I think that next year, we’ll make loser’s bracket single match, or all games single match until top 4 teams.

Finally, congratulations to Pyrolee, Ricky Ortiz and Ken Inoue for winning this year’s qualifiers for SBO!

Now, a breakdown of our fundraiser status:

Throughout the Ranking Battle season, we collected 50% of each pot and gave 50% to the 1st place player for each tournament for 3rd Strike, for a total of about $500. With today’s 12 teams and the $75 entry fee per team, we raised an additional $900 for a total of $1400. We’re still not sure what tickets will cost in August, but we do know that May is typically the cheapest time of year to fly to Japan because of Golden Week. Therefore, it’s almost certain that the money we’ve raised will only cover two out of the three tickets for 3rd Strike. We’re practically sure that Anniversary Edition will not draw 36 players, so FFA will only be able to cover air fare and nothing else for our team this year. The situation was similar last year, with us raising $1100 to cover three flights in May, where FFA again could only cover air fare and had to cover the difference. I will again be accompanying Team USA this year in the same capacity and will be meeting with Andy of Tokyo Game Action and John of Planet Zero as representatives of the US SBO Locations. We will do our best to find reasonably priced lodging for our five players (three for 3s, 2 for AE).

Good luck and see all of you at SBO (and Evolution)!

play by play is always appreciated. thanks so much, makes it hype for all of us sir…

Thanks also to mattxchin for picking up the slack after I wanted to harakiri after my team lost. Lots of really really great matches, anybody who wasn’t there really missed out because everyone was on the top of their game tonight. Lots of fun even though it took longer than expected.

Hey man, thank YOU for being a major part of the community and getting these spots for US players. The money situation always sucks, I know Andy over here at TGA is pretty much in the same position as you and will only be able to pay for tickets. At any rate, the results seem pretty solid (and predictable besides the fact that Justin didn’t go) and I wish team WC the best of luck.

BTW, when are AE quals?