FFA SF4 Ranbat S1 Ep 1 Results

Here’s the results:

1st: Combofiend (Ryu/Abel/Sagat)
2nd: Fuson 909 (Ryu/Guile/Zangief)
3rd: Maximilian (Ryu/Ken)
4th: Ken I. (Abel/Rufus)
6th: Pherai (Sagat)
6th: CSB (Balrog)
8th: Jay (Blanka/Vega)
8th: NKD (Sagat)

We weren’t able to get video footage since our camcorder didn’t fall through. However, we’re getting the equipment to get a direct feed for the next tournament.

The current point total:
Combofiend: 10 points
Fuson 909: 7 points
Maximilian: 5 points
Ken I.: 3 points

There’s still plenty of more episodes in the season (4 or 5) to get your points in if you missed this tournament.

Current Character Usage (how many players chose this character):
Ryu: 5
Sagat: 3
Abel: 2
Chun-Li: 2
Rufus: 2
Balrog (Boxer): 1
Blanka: 1
Dhalsim: 1
El Fuerte: 1
Guile: 1
Ken: 1
Vega (Claw): 1
Zangief: 1

The next tournament will be in two weeks (10/4).

This time it will be at 4:00PM instead of 2:00PM, a lot of people were having trouble with the time.

The price for entry will also be raised to $5 instead of $4 (to make the pot look sweeter, and to relieve me from having to make as much change >.<).

Get your practice in, and see you for Episode 2!

good shit christian!!

I demand everyone that attended this tourney show up and reenact everything that happened, so videos can be available.

combofiend is too nice.

The owner was supposed to bring over a camcorder, but he couldn’t make it.

He’d injured himself on Friday and has his whole arm in a sling. He’d been working like crazy and couldn’t come back because he was so exhausted.

I give him props, though, he really cares about you guys, even if he gets injured and works everyday, it’s all for the gamers.

Here’s the flier for the new tournament:

Let me know which character you want for E3’s flier!

Are the sign ups going to be around like 2 or 3?? or will they still be a 12 hommie.

Idk, it depends when I get there. It’ll probably be 2 or 3, but if I’m there at 12 I might as well take sign-ups.

Thats cool. Thanks man.

wow no one had a camera? seriously…

Direct feed will be sick. Keep it up!