FFA SF4 RESULS Amazing Tournament!

What an amazing amazing tournout!
37 players,so far the best tournament we have ever had.
Semi finals 1: Seedy rom vs Warren: [media=youtube]l8YOh84qfyE&feature=PlayList&p=074120CB798B711E&index=7[/media]

Semi Final 2: Anthony vs Circumciser: [media=youtube]U0sBbj3C28Y&feature=PlayList&p=074120CB798B711E&index=12[/media]

WINNERS FINAL: Warren vs Online Tony: [media=youtube]oI6Ogq1o3lw&feature=PlayList&p=074120CB798B711E&index=9[/media]

Losers Final: Warren vs Anthony: [media=youtube]9KYtYLVuGbI&feature=PlayList&p=074120CB798B711E&index=13[/media]
GRAND FINAL: WARREN VS ONLINE TONY: ** [media=youtube]HTTyvqUFIRc&feature=PlayList&p=074120CB798B711E&index=14[/media]

Here is the link to the rest of the videos. Enjoy. : http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=074120CB798B711E

Thank you all of you who entered this tournament, it was a great and fun experience, big thanks to all of my friends and who made it, and for those of you who didn’t make it this time, don’t worry, you will get another chance on the next one.

1st place. $126. Online tony (seth,ken,abel)

2nd place $ 36. Warren (evil elvis) (sagat,akuma)

3rd place. $18. Anthony (blanka)
4thplace. Circumsiser (ryu)

5: Jesse (chun-li)
5: Seedy Rom (balrog)
7: The Muffin man (Ryu)
7: Arilio (El Fuerte)
9: Kilomax (dhalsim,blanka,ryu)
9: Dooms Day (bison)
9: Kweely (bison)
9: Francisco(Ryu)
13: Roberto(ryu)
13: Wana Challenge Math (akuma)
13: Pork Soda (Zangief,sagat)
13: Sub Styler (dhalsim)
17: “Che” (Abel)
17: Dr. Zipper (balrog)
17: JC (akuma)
17: Whourl Ghoul
17: Goro (Ken)
17: Green Joker (abel)
17: Joe (blanka, sagat)
17: Pepe (ryu)
25: Isack (ryu)
25: RM (Zangief)
25: Zug Mike (akuma)
25: Willie (El Fuerte)
25: Edwin (ryu)
25: Chago (ken)
25: Jose Chuy (ryu)
25: Inc. Oso (Balrog)
25: Guy Wong
34: Big Red (abel)
34: Ryan (zangief)
34: Jeff

Tony’s the best~

Grats Tony. Great tourney everyone! :tup:

Crazy Tournament …Crazy competition…Good job Saul for putting it together :tup:

Congrats Tony! Who was Tony though? I believe the only Seth player right? Was it an African American male in a white striped shirt?

No the one you’re thinking of is the Bison player…I’ve never seen online tony at FFA…but this guy is sick…No matter who he choose to play…

Hmmmm… Interesting. Well, I suck against Seth! Haha! Sucks I had to leave before the tournament. :[

you better show up to the next one.:lovin:

If I don’t have flu then I’ll try~

Oh Dae! I would love to play against you again… Rog v. Rog? And I’m on Japanese stick now. :smiley: Even though you play Chun and you probably weren’t even trying. >.>

Hit me up anytime on xbl or psn or w/e~

Good shit Warren!

not a bad turnout guys. good job keeping the scene alive an congrats to the winners!


Thanks Dae!!:tup:

Good Tournament Sanchez…
Need Those Epic Winners Finals Video Uploaded…

u know which one…!!:cool:

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oh shit wongsta entered =O

The only two pictures that I took before recording Kweely vs Online Tony and Warren vs Arilio
Good stuff to everybody.
here is the Video that recorded of the tournament
FFA SF4 Tournament(10/16/09) enjoy
I did this kinda quick so if there are problems let me know:cybot:

Grats to online Tony and Warren!

Hey man, thank you for the videos, and thank you for posting them and saving me the trouble lol. :china: you are awesome!

yeah it was a nice tourney, show up for the next one if you can, might do a team tournament

Thanks for the vids Strider!