FFA SF4 Tournament Friday October 16 Granada Hills, CA 91344

10363 Balboa Blvd
Granada Hills, CA 91344


Friday October 16 2009
Sign ups 7:00pm- 8:00pm
Tournament Starts at 8:15 pm

Entry Fee: $5


1st place 70%
2nd place 20%
3rd place 10%


This will be a Double Elimination tournament
2 out of 3 Games
Losers Bracket Single game
No banned characters

We will be using the dual japanese/american arcade setup

XBox 360 SETUP

this set up is ready (american sticks) so bring your own stick if you feel uncomfortable with the happ sticks and convex buttons.

its been awhile since we had a tournament here, so I will try to run it as smooth as possible. I chose friday because I do not want to interfere with other tournaments that are held during the weekend. You are all invited to participate and hope you have fun.

I’m Down For This…Count me in…

If I Use The Arcade version Sticks…at least they ain’t gonna be garbage like Denjins…

but then again i use SETH so Console it is… =D

I’ll probably try to be here.

Hmmm Oct. 16th :open_mouth: Don’t live that far away from it either!

yeah bring your sticks, as for me, I prefer the American sticks lol

Hey Saul,
i just figured out how to use this site. yeah, lame i know. so i’ll be there at the tournament. i’m guessing i’ll bring my own stick just in case :slight_smile: later dude

Oh wait, just noticed this was on a Friday, probably won’t be able to make it.

How many 360 setups are there gonna be?

There will be one xbox 360 set up, 1 arcade set up. setups shouldn’t be the problem, if we need another one, then, they will provide it.

Glad you finally figured it out lol.

yeah bring your stick, always recommended.

oh wait, I just noticed I posted it was going to be on FRIDAY! :annoy:
good luck at djsvest beatdown

Ahhh sweet. I haven’t played SFIV in awhile but I was wondering if you are entering the tourney. Would you be able to do some casuals or practice on the 360.

Dude, you should see if they just let you participate online…i mean you can save gas money, pocket change, and you dont have to worry about the quality of sticks you use to control seth.

yeah am entering the tournament, and we should be able to do some causals as well. :karate:

WTF Does That Mean?!?!
I Take a Bus To FFA And Then Get a ride back from a friend…

playin online??!? hell no!! Fuck Online:arazz:!!!

I’ll Just Borrows Someone’s TE stick:tup:

time to put ffa back on the map guys, imma try to head to this one

Haha. Cool. Do you work there? So I know if you are standing behind a counter or something. :open_mouth:

lol no, I do not work there, I just happen to like sf4 and FFA has a nice setup and its close to my house.

hope you make it, this tourney is looking good.

Alright Sanchez!!!:cybot: This is really exciting man, we are bringing back Family right now, we’re bringing it back to the top. Get Hype!!! Sorry I haven’t helped you post anything this week, since I said I could, had a loss of time with school and tennis. I will tell some people I know though man, but since its gonna be this Friday we should get a big turnout purely from people from SRK and those there. The plan for the setups sounds good, with the option for people to use both the Arcade setup and the 360’s, so everyone should be catered to and satisfied. Good things are on the horizon people…