FFA Street Fighter 4 Tournament (9/6) Results

The tournament was double-elimination, not single.

Yeah, there was a typo, fixed it.

Valle actually used Bison about as often as he used Ryu. But I put secondary characters up there (they weren’t posted in any order next to their names).

I’m not running the next FFA SF4 tournament, talk to jo50 about the overlap.

The tournament had to be run at $1 the whole time, or else we would have lost money hosting it, because without the tournament we still would have had non-stop play. But at least both players didn’t have to pay every single game, if they did have to I would have lowered the price.

honestly i prefer them broken up. i really appreciate the vids man.

balrog for life

Here are the rest of the matches that i recorded


that would be gilley and not gilleg :rofl:

sigh, watch how combofiend magically blocks my ultra when he rolls. I thought abel’s roll has recovery after it?

wow awesome vids man. thanks

I swear I did my Ultra right when Nasir did the Ex fireball Oh well Good shit. Cya at the Ranbat.

Edit: in the last round.

sorry about that :sweat: i fixed it

can u move those vids to the playlist?

Ill added them to the original FFA Street Fighter 4 tournament playlist