FFA Summer Ranking Battle 3s Final Results

Well FFA Summer Ranking Battle is over…Im very thankful that people came down and made it a cool event to goto every week!..Special thanx to Matt & Eric Chin for the help w/ entry fee & Brackets…you guys made the tournament move along very fast…Ryan for the extra equiptment-becuz of you, everyone can hear Rock/Raoh & friends at the Ranbat vids :tup: The 2 Golden voices of RANBAT - Rockefeller & King Raoh and their special guests for making FFA 3s Ranbat videos more fun to watch

A big huge thanx to all the players that came out and played at the ranbat tourneys…I’ve always wanted to run ranbat style tournaments and I was shocked to see how well it took off…especially for 3s…since the rules were japanese style ranbat rules (1 game/single elim)…it was cool to see more players to come out every week and participate in ranbat

FFA 3s RANBAT # 7 Results:
1st - 5 Star (Ken SA3)
2nd - Shadini (Chun Li SA2)
3rd - Pyrolee (Yun SA3)
4th - Gootecks (Urien SA3)

**Winner of the 1st FFA 3rd Strike RANking BATtle Tournament:

Yi “5 Star” Wang

Congrats 5 Star!**:tup:

More videos of FFA RANBAT will be comming out later on…I’ll post it on this thread…I released FFA 3s RANBAT #6 last night…here’s the link:

Right Click on the link below and click on "Save As…"
FFA RANBAT # 6 - 3s

FFA 3s RANBAT # 5 & 7 and PSM 3rd Strike will be out later on
Much more to come!

Thanx! & N-Joy! :tup:


Those boys are bad!

I gotta say I’ve enjoyed watching all the vids this summer. You guys definatly gotta do another one of these.
Also, Makoto is not “lucky bullshit”. You try to pull off what you consider “lucky bullshit” and if you do it wrong, you’ll eat a fat combo meal with SA sauce all over it.
Makoto is exactly what its been known to do, rush that shit down and keep it down. Saying that its “lucky bullshit”, its like saying “I couldn’t handle the heat because the bitch is too fast for me”

Hehe, I think they were joking around about Makoto… :slight_smile:

i’m sure everyone but him knew that


People calling “lucky bullshit” in fighting games in general is like people calling a “lucky punch” in the UFC (or just a fight in general). There is never a “lucky” win because the guy MEANT to win just like there is never a “lucky” punch because the guy MEANT to land it.

You were saying? :clap:

Nice vid, thanks. :tup:
But why they let the cabinet roll the demo for 2 or 3 minutes between every match, like in the KSK’s torrents? It’s a waste of time and space to download.

It add’s atmosphere? I’d like some wandering through the arcade footage, at least before all the arcades disappear

i am absolutely positive that they are joking. :karate: