FFA Summer Ranking Battle Final Results

Well FFA Summer Ranking Battle is over…Im very thankful that people came down and made it a cool event to goto every week!..Special thanx to Matt & Eric Chin for the help w/ entry fee & Brackets…you guys made the tournament move along very fast…Ryan for the extra equiptment-becuz of you, everyone can hear Rock/Raoh & friends at the Ranbat vids :tup: The 2 Golden voices of RANBAT - Rockefeller & King Raoh and their special guests for making FFA 3s Ranbat videos more fun to watch

A big huge thanx to all the players that came out and played at the ranbat tourneys…I’ve always wanted to run ranbat style tournaments and I was shocked to see how well it took off…especially for 3s…since the rules were japanese style ranbat rules (1 game/single elim)…it was cool to see more players to come out every week and participate in ranbat

**Winners of the FFA Summer RANking BATtle Tournaments were:

Streetfighter III: 3rd Strike
FFA RANBAT #1 WINNER - Yi “5 Star” Wang

Tekken 5

Congrats to both winners of the first FFA Ranking Battle Tournament :tup:

Im thinking about running FFA Ranbat #2 during winter break…still not sure if I’ll do it…we’ll wait and see :pleased:

More videos of FFA RANBAT will be comming out later on…I’ll post it on this thread…I released FFA 3s RANBAT #6 last night…here’s the link:

Right Click on the link below and click on "Save As…"
FFA RANBAT # 6 - 3s

FFA 3s RANBAT # 5 & 7 and PSM 3rd Strike will be out later on
Much more to come!

Thanx! & N-Joy! :tup:

Great ranbats! Its been fun to watch and the commentary is tops. :tup:

Great series!!

Always exciting to see an Arlieth Makoto match!! He has so many tricks up his sleeves that I think it’s more fun to watch him play than say J’s or Ino’s. Good shit!

i think because j’s and ino’s are a bit more “safe”. safe = boring to watch in 3S.