FFA Tour de la Smash - Granada Hills, CA - Sunday, February 24th (SSBM)

Super Smash Bros. Melee Tournament
Sunday, February 24th, 2008

Family Fun Arcade
10363 Balboa Blvd
Granada Hills, CA 91344
(818) 360-0419

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Teams 2v2 - 2/10/08 @ 2:00p.m. Sign-ups @ 1:00p.m.
Singles 1v1 - 2/10/08 @ 6:00p.m. Sign-ups @ 5:00p.m.
*You are responsible for bringing your own controller.
Entry Fee: $5.00 plus $3.00 Venue Charge
*Note: On the Team Tournament each player must pay $8.00. Total: $16.00 per team

Teams: Pot Split: WINNER TAKE ALL
Singles: Pot Split: 70/20/10

Double Elimination, Best of Three Games, 4 Stock, 7 Minute Timer, No Items
Stage Select System: SBR Standard

  • If both players can agree on a stage, that stage will be used.
  • A stage may only be used once.
  • Gltiches used to used to stop your opponent from controlling their character or indefinitely freezing them are BANNED.
  • Certain tactics (i.e.: Wobbles, Peach Bomb) as method of recovery are allowed but may not be used to stall a match.
  • For Doubles matches, Team Attack is ON.
  • For Doubles matches, Life Stealing is ON.
  • Any unnecessary pausing of the game will result in a warning of that or any other single game.
  • Any outside instructions during a match are prohibited.
  • If rules are broken the player ends with a warning. Repeadetly results in a game loss or DQ.

We’ll need Gamecubes and copies of SSMB for this event! If we use your equipment (up to four stations), your Venue Fee will be waived. First come, first serve for this offer.


Tournament will be THIS SUNDAY due to the UCLA tournament being on March 1st!


I will be in attendance. Hoping for a good crowd.