FFA Weekly MvC2 Results 9-7-07



1st - finesse
2nd - fanatiq
3rd - clock jr.
4th - mmds
5th - mr. pasadena
5th - paul
7th - guy wongsta
7th - illan jr.
9th - shogun
9th - spaz
9th - xxx mantis
9th - aka soz
13th - allen

finesse was on fire that night. Good weekly tourney once again.


Good shit finesseee!!!



good shit to everyone, damn wongsta tht dhc kills {:, and mmds tht megaman is godlike


Finnesse, MMDS, and Fanatiq = too good . GG’S to everyone that entered.


everyone knows i was the real winner that night…


paul oh my god!!!

good shit finesseeeeeeee


paul + mr. pasadena >>> dipset + Empire Arcadia

bet money on it!!


haha yeah right. I got lucky against fanatiq. :bgrin:


anyone record?


paul trains with dipset…



Holy fuck, Fearless Finesse won? I wish I could’ve been there to witness this upset of upsets. Where the hell was Magnesium Millan? Doing voice overs for his new movie?


no, paul trains with the ice man chuck liddell