***FFA XvSF Ranbat 5 - "GOOD GAME" Turney Results!***

Well well well. The end of our very first XvSF Ranbat series has come to a close for the Spring.

Last night was pure madness. See below in Highlights for all the jaw-dropping, Kobe-scoring craziness.

Results: 10 entrants
1st UNDETERMINED!! + 10 pts
2nd UNDETERMINED!! + 5 pts
3rd Finesse + 3 pts (Akuma/Ken)
4th Fanatiq (Mag/Storm)

Why is it “UNDETERMINED” you ask? HandsomeVic versus The Richh in finals. Vic was in winners, so Rich would have to win two sets. Vic wins first. Then he calls his mom and tells her to buy the Payless shoes she wants since he’s about to win and get twenty bucks. But by accident he called Rich, who took the Payless shoes comment as a diss and owns Vic the second game. Tie 1/1. The arcade worker announces power off in 5 minutes. Vic takes an early lead in the third game. Kills Rich’s Chun. Rich’s Storm does some crazy ass Laker-style comeback. The Timer says 5 seconds. Both characters have one block of life. The clock is ticking! Storm is about to rush! Cammy is about to do killer bee! Then the power went off!!

So this friday Rich and I will play the game, starting at 1/1 and decide who will be the Ranbat 5 champion!!

Still, the points are thus WITHOUT the added points for 1st and 2nd:

1st Handsome Dogface: 30
2nd TunacanDan: 28
3rd Prince of Perfect Lee: 15
4th Nap Time Thomas: 8
5th Michael Chaos: 6
6th Richie Rich/ Fineezie 3

So even if Rich trounces Vic, and gets 10 pts, Vic still gets 5 and is the Ranbat Champion!!! Let’s hear it for Handsome Vic!!!

Anyway, madness all around. And here are some juicy HIGHLIGHTS!!

Finesse, the hidden weapon of FFA, uses Team Mall Scrub to bewilder the Number1 Chun player in the US, Thomas. Finesse uses skills staright from the XvSF Versus Book published in 1997, which was on hand and Finesse would look at between matches. Thomas is sent to losers.

Edma says that XvSf is a dumb game and that he could play it with his eyes closed. He literally closes his eyes and beats Cyke/Juggs player Steve-inite.

Surprise guest and MvC2 legend Genghis shows up with an entourage and beautiful women to sign autographs. He decides to enter to kill time and eats up competetion. He is finally eliminated by his old San Diego sparring partner EdMazzle!

Handsome Vic shows up to FFA with a nice buzz going on and gets a 12 win streak pre-tournament. Everyone is disgusted when he vomits in a Thirstbuster cup and leaves it on Alpha2.

And now, the greatest Highlight! Since the beginning of the FFA XvSF Ranbats, only one player besides Vic has been in all 5. That player is none other than The Richh. This tournament Rich established himself as the next generation of FFA Top Player. He is sent to losers by Thomas, but defeats him when the rebattle in losers. Rich then beats Finesse, and nearly dethrones Vic until the power “conveniently went off.”

At Denny’s some random white woman came and hit on Loren’s nephew who is only 16. He got her number and is gonna bone her this week after she buys him Chinese food.

Vic gave VIP Passes to Spearmint Rhino out to Travelling Thomas for coming so far, EdMa for outshining the comp, and Finesse for getting third in a game he only plays on his Sidekick. When Disco asked what Spearmint Rhino was, Vic said, “You should know, your mom works there.” Then Disco punched Vic in the face so hard that Vic took a nap. The vid will be on Youtube this week.

Much thanks to everyone who has come down and supported the small but very elite XvSF scene in Socal. Much love to the James Games crew, my homie Tired Thomas and Michael Chaos for travelling time and time again. DucJr, Reset, Ducvader and Ruben for carpooling and keeping the community a community.

MegamanDan wasn’t there because it was like his birthday or some shit.

Turnies resume in summer!!


Your are the funniest HandsomeVic. Congrats in xMen and for bringing it back to socal along with my man Rich. Ill be back in the summer so until then keep the competition coming. Laterz!


Good Game!!!

The shit that went down last night was classic!

good game. i will enter in losers on friday and start by playing the loser of u 2. haah, i wish.

ya, it was my birthday celebration. ill bring some cake to ffa tommorow. good job rich, waiting for last ranbats to show his true skill.

Good job Vic for winning the tourney, btw i never knew spearmint rhino was also in US haha… shit place anyway, its too highsclassed so the girls dont get dirty :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Vic, give me a heads up when the next XvSF tourney is. I can make the drive. Good shit on the tourney, you sexy beast! :lol:

Good stuff man. Really trying to get my shit together to come play with you guys

What month is EVO in btw? Im going to try to come down also.

Hahaha oh man, i can’t stop laughing. I’m gonna make Derek read this.

Good Job Vic, Rich, and Finesse. Lol @ the way you described the tourney Vic. Your so random.


Yes, it was very interesting.

damn vic you are the funniest guy ever. hahahahaha

o shit i have 15 points? how do i have that much from entering 1 tourney?!! no you are starting to get me into this game again . COME DOWN TO JAMESGAMES THIS WEEKEND. lets go get drunk on cinco de mayo then play xvsf

**NOTE: **FFA XvSF is broken so me and Richhh will not be playing our final match this friday. As soon as we do though, it shall be posted!

Prince of Perfect!!

I counted the James Games Turney as Ranbat4.5. So you, Thomas and Michael Chaos got all the points you deserve!

And dood, as SOON as I get a better car, we can drink and play XvSF all night at James!!

You know if you’re going to EVO?


If the lakers lose this saturday. I give up mvc2 and xvsf for life. I’ll throw in the towel…andddddd…I’ll never watch another NBA game for as long as i live!!


Lkaers = secound god team of all time next to the bulls. …When they had jordan pipin and rodmin =o oh snap

i owe finesse $5 for lakers fiasco yesterday.

dude hit me up if there is another tourney at ffa, i never look at tourneys + events forums. im not sure if im going to EVO im out of practice for mvc2. this random guy on AIM msgs me about xvsf when im at work lol,shirod420 or something. im like ‘who the fuck is this guy’? anyways im assuming hes the guy who made that cool combo video. i think he said hes coming down to cali to play xvsf so lets show him how cali dominates all in xvsf.:wink:

Yeah, he posts as dezmu on the forums. Right now, he’s looking to come down next month around June 10. He’s pretty good and plays with Joker and crew.

=/ I guess i really gotta step up my game to stand a chance
in La

:annoy: :rofl: :wgrin: :confused: :arazz: