FFF TRouble

Hi I main viper & I’m having trouble landing her FFF combo when i start my combo I press & hold my fierce then i do a medium tk feint & try & hit the crounching fierce but it never combos when i want it to message me on xbl NGB 2 Sliick to tell me wht I’m doing wrong

Hi, please use the Q&A thread stickied at the top when you have a question instead of starting a new thread, just to keep things organized around here.

As for FFF, if you use the HP tk feint you have more frame advantage ie more time to land the second crouch fierce. But you can use the MP feint you just have to do it faster. It all comes with practice.

how do i cancel out of the heavy tk should i press my & hold fierce then input da tk motion & let go of the fierce then attempt to cancel da tk (i’ve tried having turbo i’ve used da mp & hp buttons) nothing works i still get the fierce knuckle to come out how can i stop this from happening???

I find that the best way to work on FFF is to work on it step by step. First, try doing just a fierce into a fierce TK cancel. Once you can do that consistently, throw in another fierce. After you can do all of that consistently, you can pretty much do whatever you want (EX seismo, strong TK, whatever at all).

As far as the execution goes, there are quite a handful of ways to do it. Personally, I do this:

:hp:,:qcb::hp:, :3p:, :db:, :hp:

So there are 4 button presses in this. For the 3 punch part, sometimes I hit all 3 punches, and at other times I’ll hit two punch buttons for no real reason. Just random preference I guess.

I know there are other methods with the 3x punch buttons, as well as negative edging the fierce TK, but it’s really whatever you want. There is no super awesome advantage to any method. It’s all preference.

But yeah, make sure you are feinting with fierce TK. In fact, you should absolutely never feint with anything but fierce TK when you are canceling a normal. It gives you the most frame advantage of all the TK moves and it’s not difficult to do. It’s very possible to do it way too fast (and too slow). There’s a decent timing to it that isn’t difficult, just stay in training mode. I spent about a good week in training mode doing almost nothing but FFF. You’ll get it if you practice.

Use negative edge method. There is a rhythm you need to develop after the first fierce to get the second fierce after the TK feint