FFT NorCal Marvel Results! (FairField Tilt)

1st-Tinesse a.k.a TINH NGOZZZLE
3rd-Crizz-Beatz DA MONSTA
4th-R “KEEP. HIM. PLZ!” J

i wasent there, but i heard stiltman was wackin everybody. molly woppin crizzle twice. =o
i also heard FFT is the norcal version of FFA. =x
see jay was not at this tournament, or he would of won
chunksta was porkin my ex-girlfriend, so he could not make it either
tinh was using his new team, magneto/KANO/sentinel-b. that’s rirght, somehow tinh got KANO from mortal kombat into his team. guy is too good
i also heard king-fucking-kau has the fastest magneto in norcal. someone plz make this shit not stop… just make it END!!!

the results are legit, just everything else is just shit i heard. =o

MvC2 results (cobbling from memory here) Full result from stiltman

  1. Tinh Ngo
  2. StiltMan
  3. Crizzle
  4. RJ
  5. AnthonyNeezy
  6. tharimrattler

Only eight people but they got a show at the end. Notable matches (which was most of them) and teams used:

Stilt (Sent/Cable/BH) over rimrattler (Storm/Sent/Colossus) 2-0 first round
RJ (Rowtron!) over Neezy (Storm/Sent/Cyclops) 2-1 first round
Tinh Ngo (Storm/Sent/Cable) over RJ (Row) 2-0 winners’ semis
Stilt (Sent/Cable/BH) over Crizzle (MSP) 2-1 winners’ semis
RJ (MSS) over rimrattler (Storm/Sent/Colossus) 2-0 losers’ quarterfinals
Crizzle (MSP) over Neezy (Santhrax) 2-0 (?) losers’ quarterfinals
Crizzle (MSP) over RJ (Row) losers’ semifinals (don’t know score, 2-0?)
Tinh Ngo (Santhrax) over Stilt (Sent/Cable/BH, Scrub) 3-0 winners’ finals
Stilt (Sent/Cable/BH) over Crizzle (MSS, Scrub, MSP) 3-0 losers’ finals
Stilt (Scrub, Sent/BH/Commando) over Tinh (Santhrax, MSS) 4-2 grand finals first set
Tinh Ngo (Santhrax, Scrub) over Stilt (Scrub) 4-3 grand finals second set, comeback from 3-1

Edited. Full result from stilman

where were randy lew,som,penpal and others at this? =[


good shit korngo

any vids of stiltosaurus?

Stilt Mollywoppin norcal nigs. Good stuff Tihn, Stilt, n crizzle.

stiltman repping that higher blackheart <3

what’s going on with the vids? Stilt said they exist somewhere. . .