FFT Premo Avatar Request



Thanks to scissorman for finding the art! An hour or two in photoshop and I came up with this:

I kind of like it, but I would really appreciate if someone did it better. You know, more color. Smoother scrolling. It’s my first try at this kind of avatar so I’m no good at optimization. I’m afraid to trim frames out 'n stuff.

If you have any other good ideas for an avatar using the picture, by all means, go ahead. Premo size is the only golden rule. :lovin:


By sacrificing smooth scrolling, I was able to get more color in. It **seems ** like with the filesize limit, its either one or the other unfortunately.

I’m sure one of the pros on here will top my attempt :china: Here’s hoping. You did great for your first try btw.


That’s too bad…I was hoping there’s some magic secret that I just don’t know yet… Oh well. Thanks for the effort. :tup:

How many frames is that? I might be miscounting…but…is it 8 or so? I got like 36 or something in mine, haha. Just curious. :wgrin:

Thanks again!


Here’s a re do in a slightly different style allowing for more colors (although it isnt very noticeable with this image cause of all the brown. :smile:

Yeah the other image (:u::u:) is about 8 frames. Having less frames really brings down the size. I would love to know the magic secret too. For premo avs its usually easier to make a high quality animated av using a short animated gif (like 10 frames-ish) due to the increased filesize.
And you’re welcome.


whoa, that’s exactly how I tried to do it on my second go (what I posted was the 1st with revisions)! The funny thing is that I think less (frames) really is more with this flashing-between-frames style and I hate how mine turned out. Also, I didn’t notice until just now that the frames I put in between are totally transparent. :rofl:



Yeah…when looking at other avs I noticed the Bam image Bam image Bam last image style works pretty well. I played around with it and with the second go, it turned out to be 5 frames total and 2 of those frames were fillers in white. It was like a 1 second delay on the actual images and a .1 second delay on the two white frames. But my border sucks though. I gave up trying to make a whole border cause for some reason when I did select all :f: stroke it wouldn’t show up so i ended up making a rectangle and filling it then I got lazy. :lol:


yea i have an avatar like that where i didn’t fuck up on the transitions:



:u: Nice! Me likey.