FFT Sprite request

Can anyone help me with getting a sprite of Mustadio from FFT shooting a gun?

Preferably in a frontal view.


Loved that game. :slight_smile:

(I’ll answer your question here, Higher-jin, in case anyone else is interested).

There are 2 ways to get FFT sprites on your own:

  1. Load up a PS emulator, then do a screen capture


  • best way to capture weapons and specific poses
  • you have edit the background out
  • a series of sprites (for a animation, for example) is extremely hard to do
  • unless you have a savegame at every point in the game, you might have some trouble working to get a specific sprite
  1. Use a sprite ripper (like the ones found in http://www.fortressdesigns.com/ or http://www.fftactics.org)


  • you can get any character (can’t seem to find Aeris, though)


  • FFT sprites are stored like a jigsaw puzzle (see below), making it a chore to do animation
  • weapons are stored in a different file, adding more pieces to the jigsaw puzzle


Or just go here: http://www.videogamesprites.net/